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Tom · 12/20/2012

Controls are horrible. Wish there's FIFA on wp7.5

ProgrammerH · 9/30/2012

Every time I try to load up the cup mode, the game seems to force close itself. Was the best game I had on my phone until this started happening. Hoping for some kind of update to fix this.

luizmeme · 7/12/2012

fun to play but it's stupid not being able to change the orientation of the screen. i can't play while i have my earjack on

LostsoulpdX · 4/15/2012

Fun game, but constant crashing after matches angers me to often. Crashing wouldn't be so bad, but it crashes at the end of a match before the scores are saved sucks. When I come back in to the game, it recorded it as a draw and won't let me replay it. I would return it if I could, it just frustrates me to much. Fix the crashing and it is a 5 star review.

Violi · 11/25/2014

Great game! Somehow got it to work on Windows 8.1. Unfortunately there's no master league, but great game anyway.

Nick · 12/16/2012

Super fun not great player detail but great game play for a phone level.

Hussain · 12/11/2012

I thought it was pretty good...except the controls glitch out sometimes...anyways...there should really be a multiplayer mode for this game

Z Ebolavirus · 6/25/2012

Game glitches quite frequently, it is laggy, and computer is way to easy even on the hardest setting. In a league it is almost impossible to not get 1st place.... They need to fix all these bugs already for the price that is paid a better product is expected.... Fun but need to step it up a notch.

asfzir1616 · 5/31/2012

Has good gameplay, but makes calls completely toward CPU. It does not have all the rules of the game done too. If you try to make a tackle, it will be a foul. But when the CPU does it, it is not. Very disappointing.

BeefierVenus574 · 5/29/2012

A great game but for some reason when it says tap anywhere to start. Its not doing anything


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