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Fixes a crash when signing into Xbox

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Reviewer 0881 · 5/27/2015
Pinball Junkie

I've been playing pinball online and off a long time. Love this game. Great action, lots of background action, and challenges to work on. It's got good graphics, too. Simple, but nailed it.

Reviewer 0095 · 5/13/2015
Missing Tables

Love this game a lot, but its missing a lot of tables like my most favorite, the "Moon Knight" table in the marvel. I can name every table missing. Guardians of the Galaxy, South Park, Star Wars Rebels, Blade, Deadpool, Avengers: Age of Ultron, X-Men, and Moon Knight. I'd like to see the ones I just mentioned on here please.

Reviewer 1644 · 7/5/2015
It's easy to play

You have to press the shift buttons to hit the pin ball

Reviewer 3737 · 5/3/2015
Advertising and Trojans

I love the games. Love them. However, it is a constant battle with my anti-virus software because it doesn't like Microsoft's advertising and data collection. And who could blame it? I am at a current impasse as to how to reconcile the two. Somebody has upgraded something. The windows store won't reinstall it. I can't give it any more permissions than I have. For that reason, it gets no stars. The worst possible scenario is to create a great game, let you play it, pay for it, and then take it away from you for know reason except greed.

charles · 3/24/2015
pinball fx2

I'M ADDICTED!! This is the best pinball game I've found yet. It's like playing on a real pinball machine.

Reviewer 7441 · 6/4/2015

Where are all my tables I can show proof of purchase. no fair, fix the problem.

Jon · 3/4/2015
Very addicting game

I really like this game and play it almost every day. For the most part, it runs really nicely. Definitely the best virtual pinball game I've ever played. There are only a couple of things that keep me from rating it 5 stars. 1- The newest tables aren't available for this version. I would like to play the Walking Dead and South Park tables. 2- One of the tables I paid for, the Boba Fett table, freezes every single time I play it and kicks me out of the game completely. Once those 2 things are fixed this game gets 5 stars all day.

Reviewer 7971 · 5/11/2015

I loved this game until it gets stuck telling me I can't play because my profile is still loading. I uninstalled and then installed it again and still I cannot play due to my profile loading. PLEASE FIX!!!

Alex · 7/23/2015
Can't play

I own this game. I had to wipe my Lenovo 2-in-1 to try to fix a few bugs in my system, but now I can't even get the game to install again. I really liked this game.

Darrel · 2/22/2015
Top notch almost

Great game, annoying video adds are repetitive.

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