• Classic Pinball
  • 16 Missions
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  • Customize your controls
  • Great graphics and sounds

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Reviewer 0096 · 8/2/2015
Nice little pinball game

not as good as some of the more sophisticated ones but still very entertaining and addictive.

Reviewer 2167 · 8/1/2015

Reminds me of a Windows 3.1 pinball game. Good graphics. Good sound effects. Very little lag on my computer (Acer w/ Win 8.1). Obviously a game designed for hand held tablets or touch netbooks (I have a warning on my screen asking me to "switch to landscape view to continue playing". It'd be interesting to try & put my 42" monitor on its side!) Anyway, for a free download, it's passable. Even with the ads off to the side.

Mike · 7/21/2015
This is the pinball I remember from years before

Excellent pinball game. Easy enough to have fun and difficult enough to keep you coming back.

Reviewer 2921 · 7/27/2015

I love Pinball Star it takes my mind off all the junk going on in this strange world now.

Bernard · 7/24/2015

Its about time!!! Love pinball and this is a copy of a classic! All but the music this is a great game. DX the adds for a change!

Reviewer 2478 · 7/13/2015

Game looks similar to the original Pinball Cadet, but the sound effects and game play are completely different. Tilt is hyper-sensitive and makes some aspects of the game inaccessible. Ball doesn't bounce properly. Flippers are completely different. Some ball movements that occur in this game would never occur in the original. Looks similar, but not the same game at all and a lot less enjoyable.

Reviewer 2213 · 7/21/2015

Very realistic and not easy

Donnia · 7/31/2015

Great game the only thing it could use is more choices on tables I am hooked lol

Reviewer 4928 · 7/4/2015
Pinball Star

I really liked the old game, sharp graphics, 3D shading, realistic sounds and action. This looks like it was drawn with a crayon, annoying music background, lethargic action. Obviously the programmer has never seen a pinball machine or is old enough to play on one.

Michael · 6/28/2015

Very fun and addictive!!

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