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Yash · 8/22/2015

Nice game. Smooth and easy interface. Brings back the old windows 98 days.

Angel · 8/14/2015

I'VE played many other pinball games, but this one takes d cake. I really enjoyed playing this game, thanks. I'm d pinball wizard n this game takes me back to my playing days. Thanks again!!

Amanda · 8/6/2015
Love Pinball

I miss playing pinball. It was my favorite game. This is a knock off of Space Cadet Pinball on Windows XP. Same graphics, like they took it from XP, except the awesome sounds aren't as great as they were on Space Cadet and the flippers lag more then before on XP. But still, I get to play pinball once more. Gives me something to do and I can revisit my childhood with this app. So I will keep playing.

Kaitlyn · 8/25/2015

It was so cool my mind exploded like klabam

Reviewer 0096 · 8/2/2015
Nice little pinball game

not as good as some of the more sophisticated ones but still very entertaining and addictive.

Reviewer 2167 · 8/1/2015

Reminds me of a Windows 3.1 pinball game. Good graphics. Good sound effects. Very little lag on my computer (Acer w/ Win 8.1). Obviously a game designed for hand held tablets or touch netbooks (I have a warning on my screen asking me to "switch to landscape view to continue playing". It'd be interesting to try & put my 42" monitor on its side!) Anyway, for a free download, it's passable. Even with the ads off to the side.

Dan · 8/25/2015
Needs Work

Flippers response is slow or not there until ball has gone pass then they just stay up a long time before resetting. Game looks nice as the balls go by

Daniel · 8/30/2015
Good Luck~

The graphics are great. But I recently upgraded to the new Windows 10. The game downloaded all right but then it constantly kept freezing up and wouldn't do anything. I finally gave up and uninstalled it.

Ashley · 8/1/2015
Non Responsive and Unplayable

Maybe I'm missing something, but this is Space Table Cadet from Windows XP, which I totally loved, so even though it's a rip off (or taken straight from and added to for touch screen and softening the graphics, which wouldn't have been my choice for graphics personally) I was excited to try it because I absolutely loved that game. Well, I'm sure there are bugs to work out with the release of Windows 10 and all, but it isn't even functional in the menus without having to click multiple times as well as wait several seconds for anything to happen, if anything happens. If it was functional, I would probably have to rate it 1 star anyway because the more I see "Pinball Star" the more upset I get because that isn't the name of this game.

Terry · 8/10/2015

The game has some great graphics, but ball and flipper response needs some help. It's a bit slow and sluggish. Had this game on CD. This one needs a little work.



  • Classic Pinball
  • 16 Missions
  • Achievement badges
  • Highscore leaderboards
  • Customize your controls
  • Great graphics and sounds

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