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The BIGGEST update ever - 10.0.4 - is already here! New features: - Finally! New chapter of the CAMPAIGN mode is added! - New mode: POINTS CAPTURE with new map - Mining Camp. - Now you can play 5x5 matches in multiplayer mode! - Max level is extended to 31! - New weapons & upgrades: more than 17 BRAND new guns with unique mechanics. - Premium account added.

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Mario · 7/15/2015

I love it, its fun and it keeps me entertained. I'd like it better though if 173 of my coins didn't mysteriously disappear in the middle of a CTF game

eli · 7/27/2015

Thus game is fun but its turning into a dating site and that makes the game a little bit not fun

Aegis · 7/10/2015

The app store says the game is installed. I checked all over the phone, turned it off and turned it back on, it's not showing up. Not in my game list, live tiles, battery power management, NOWHERE! I want to uninstall it and then reinstall it hoping that it will show.

Fernando · 7/7/2015

Love this game so addictive and the fact you can play with friends but ever time you win you get 2 coins you should make it were you get more coins and xp

Matthew · 7/5/2015

Great free minecraft style shooter. There are some pay to win mechanics in the game, but I still find the game enjoyable.

nick · 7/1/2015

This game used to be fun and addictive. But over time, I think they've ruined the game with the updates.

Aaron · 7/19/2015

The join button doesn't work when you add someone as a friend, the game also cuts off when im in the middle of a game and it does it alot. I tried to do a campaign mission again to get three stars and it either cuts the game off or it messes up and doesn't spon the last 3 monsters its awful if you fix all of that the game would be amazing! Thank You ~Aaron~

Desi · 7/13/2015

Best game ever! Just one question could you put a mode with no kill and could we design every cape but keep the power of the cape other than that I thinks it is AWESOME!!!!!

Nephi · 7/2/2015

It's a good game but it crashes when ever I use the scope for any gun. Please fix this bug because its getting annoying and also do more of those sales with the 60% off armor because getting coins is hard

juan · 7/12/2015

Great Game for people that like Competitive battles.strangely I found this wired glitch and I lost 50 coins for no reason.It wasn't hard to get the coins again but can you please give 50 coins back?Great game keep up the good work Rilisoft.:D