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*********************Updated********** version 2.8.0 +Fix Facebook connection. +Fix rollback data bug. +balance design. version 2.6.0 +balance design +fix rollback data bug. version 2.5.0 +fix facebook login. version 2.4.0 + Fix network connection. version 2.3.0 + Fix facebook connection. version 2.2.0 + Fixed Facebook friend bug. + Improved Arena Mode. + Fixed crash bug. **************************************** + Fixed Facebook friend bug. + Improved Arena Mode. + Fixed crash bug.

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Edward Julian · 7/6/2015

Very nice gameplay!! Like the graphics and the army recruiting concept (unlike royal revolt's spawning) very nice and addicting. Hoping for more content!

jason · 6/28/2015

Very addictive and fun

Rawle · 6/24/2015

This game on is the best battling game I ever played it gets challenging but u get more companions to help you along the way

ricky · 6/30/2015

Really good game, has good quality love the levels and armies and the fact that there's skills and armor and weapons and shields and rings and way over 100 campaign missions to beat also the final boss

Joely · 6/15/2015

A really fun and addicting game. Would rate the app 5 stars if not for the occasional crashing

jason · 6/4/2015

Game was addicting and even spent a little money on it. Spent hours and hours playing and building my army up and then bam.... Had an update on phone and reset (game was on SD card) and had to reset my date, time, zone and it caused the game to glitch and even though my character and army was fine, the timers for the boss fights etc. would not count down. Worked with support on this and was told to reinstall the game after screen shots emailed of my current progress. I was given my level for character but the MILLIONS spent and many hours on upgrades and equipment were left at level 1 (I was lvl31). They said they would edit my account and give back enough money and gems to get my character back to the point I left off but they only gave me a fraction of it and no support afterwards. I am now a lvl31 with all lvl1 gear and army and all Mai events and quests must be done over and over to unlock again. Not happy at all considering the time and money spent playing the game.

eddie · 6/27/2015

Ever since I played It I got addicted but after 1 week and it will load and black screen and go back at the home pls fix it's a great game I'll rate it 5 stars if fixed

User · 7/23/2015

Love love love it. Grind out that gold!!! :3

Steven · 5/24/2015

Fun game that keeps ya coming back. Only problem is it crashes every so often, but I've never lost any game progress because of it. Just a minor setback. :)

Jeffrey · 7/17/2015

Has only crashed once out of several days of play. And it's just fun.