• Play virtually unlimited games with direct access to tens of thousands of games created by a global community.
  • Remix games you download from the community to add your own touch or to use it as a foundation for your own creation!
  • Experience Champions Quest: Void Storm, the epic campaign created by Team Dakota within Project Spark itself!
  • Pre-made “brains” make it easy to put behavior on virtually any object. Simply drop in the brain, and immediately play with it!
  • Create anything you can imagine with simple tools and a powerful, yet simple, visual programming language.
  • Earn experience and credits by playing and creating, providing access to new content and exclusive items!
  • Purchase “Spark Premium” for increased credit and experience earn rates!
  • Project Spark is available for Windows 8 and Xbox One, and seamlessly connects between the two platforms, so games created and played on one platform are available on the other.
  • Project Spark requires a connection to Xbox Live for initial login and some features.
  • Requires Windows 8.1.
  • Compatible with Xbox One controller when connected via USB.
  • Compatible with the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows.
  • Supports both mouse/keyboard and touch controls.

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Version notes

Project Spark requires a connection to Xbox Live for initial login and some features. v1.19.50710.1 For detailed information on what each Project Spark update contains, head over to www.projectspark.com.

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Travis · 6/13/2015
I used to give this a 5 Star Rating

As neat as this game appears to be, can't say I'm too fond of the atmosphere that surrounds the game. From developers being generally unhelpful to their consumers, and from the consumer base being a bit all over the place. It's not very helpful for learning either, as many people do things differently, and there's really no straightforward way to grasping the concept easily. Over time it will feel like a job with no reward. The in-game UI is very clunky as it's designed to allow the use of Computers, Xbox and Touch Screen (kinda like Windows 10), but the result is an interface that's not necessarily friendly or ideal for any of the platforms. It does work on the Xbox and PC decently enough, but there is also a difference in performance from Xbox to PC that's not very clear to someone using the program either.

Reviewer 9209 · 7/30/2015
This is pure gold

this game is pure gold, its what Kodu should have been and its great that its free

Ben · 6/12/2015
Incredible amount of bugs in such a big project

Making them unplayable on many computers. Zendesk (really more PR management than support) will just waste your time.

Daniel · 8/3/2015

needs some improvement, but for the most part its okay. and by the way, I didn't get a desktop icon so I have t open the play store and find project spark and click open

Jim · 8/2/2015
Great Set of Tools

My 6 year old loves this, and even being unable to read has grasped the basic kode tools to be able to create on his own. If he can do it, so can you.

Reviewer 9624 · 7/19/2015
Optimize, optimize, optimize

Needs more optimization. Runs terribly on my SP3. Please fix this great looking game.

Daryle · 4/25/2015

Even with a touch screen the interface is very difficult to manage.

Miriah · 8/2/2015
Fun but not worth it

Fun game. but it seemed to greatly slow my laptop down

Reviewer 4946 · 4/17/2015
Project Spark is awesome!

There are a lot of great built-in and user-generated games. Making your own game can take time and there is somewhat of a learning curve, but I think the knowledge that you made your own game makes it worth the effort (if you're in to that sort of thing).

jason · 8/2/2015
please fix crashing!!!!

I want to play this games for hours not seconds. It crashes when I get an achievement and many other times. please fix. this is the coolest game ive played in a while.

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