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still · 8/3/2015

LOVED this game so much! Probably my fave game for my WP ever. The problem is once the campaign ends, there is *no* challenge or incentive to play much. Nothing to make the reward centers in the brain light up, the way it was up to level 25 when you finally get the castle. Now I'm on 27 and it's just **-hum. I still check in on the game several times a day to get taxes and tools, but I don't feel compelled to farm or mine for more than brief sessions a couple times a day. Devs, you can't just decide to 100% slack off and abandon a game after 25 levels! Please add more to do! At least though I am grateful that I had a total blast for 25 levels - totally addictive and absorbing, thanks for that!

User · 6/8/2015

Great game!!!! Fun and very addicting but what happens when u get done building the city it lets u keep mining and all that other stuff and says something about a campaign mode finished? I don't know what that means if it had a little more to it after u get done with everything it would be even better but other than that its probably the best game I've found so far wish someone could tell me why it keeps going tho cuz im on level 34 and all I do is collect things and do all the mining and garden stuff that's it what else is there to it?

Kavinda · 7/25/2015

Can't build a cottage. It shows that I can build one in next level but it gets locked everytime I go up in level. So I'm out of workers now

Mike · 1/5/2015

Game was fun! Made it to lvl 15! Went to play again and it reset itself! What a let down! I'm uninstalling this app. Hopefully it gets fixed. Would like to play again without losing progress!

User · 2/28/2014

Game clutching won't play

Ed · 1/28/2014

Redundant, tedious, repetitive. This game centers around two minigames (farming and mining) but the game mechanics are almost identical. Basically all you do is play the same minigame over and over. Very boring.

Phillip · 4/13/2013

UPDATE: Developer released an update that increased the cost of farming, increased cool downs on building bonus items giveaways, but does nothing to fix problems like disappearing bonuses if you click off the main screen for tax collection, mining or farming, nor does it fix the crashing in mini games. Likes to crash in the mini games a lot for some reason. I've got to Village status, and far too often I'll be in the middle of matching in either the mine or farm and the match board turns black and there's nothing I can do but exit the game. Back button exits completely and I have to restart the game. :/ If you could fix the problem above, I would definitely switch to five stars. The game is a lot of fun. And free!!! :)

Todd · 4/9/2013

Very fun game. Put about 10 hours in and my save game disappeared. Beware putting time into this.....now I am going to uninstall.

j · 3/17/2013

Something about this app causes my battery to drain even when its in the background. We're talking minutes!!!

WAQAS · 4/13/2015

Nice addictive Game😊 Just start playing n u will seee


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