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Thomas · 7/6/2015

One of my favorites. Part dungeon crawler part puzzle game. Must play.

K. Brady · 4/11/2014

so good! though I wish there was a way to pause the game instead of having to restart battles each time I have I to do something else.

Bernie · 3/17/2014

Great game, but if your phone locks (like if you accidentally hit the lock button, or even the camera button) it resets the game so you lose your progress if you were in the middle of a battle. VERY FRUSTRATING!

Peggy · 1/23/2014

Well I played the trial....very addictive! This game is awesome! It pulls you deep into the storyline. I didn't crash at all on my phone. Played smooth. I want to buy it,but it concerns me to spend $6.99 on an app that hasn't been updated in almost 3 years. Will probably spend the $$, it is fun :)

Matthew · 11/29/2013

Greatest fckin match 3 in existence!! Highly recommend this game to PUZZLE AND RPG lovers alike. It is well worth the $$$ ( I haven't been able to put this game down since I bought it ) level 27 Assassin

Mark · 11/3/2013

Great iteration of the original. I love the mini games built into everything. Lots of fun. I wish item upgrades worked a little better but this is a minor complaint only.

User · 9/14/2013

Love this game. Addicted.

Eric · 5/29/2013

Great game, very addictive...to all those who say there is no saving, that must be in the Trial version; the paid version saves frequently. Highly recommended!

Süleyman · 5/26/2013

A decent idea, embarrassing execution. What was Microsoft thinking when it granted this Xbox certification, and then promoting it with a Red Stripe deal? And what is the developer thinking pricing it at an A+ game on a Steam sale? I guess we will never know. Pros: ++Skills add much depth to puzzles. +Mission variety keeps it engaging. +Decent graphics. Cons: ---No fast resume, or indeed any multitasking supported. Hit the Windows key and lose all progress instantly! --Most Xbox achievements are not achievements, they are obtained by blind luck. --It crashes, too. Mid-battle crashes will drive you insane, since so much is luck of the draw and crashes reshuffle the board. --I like Puzzle Craft's puzzle genre better, matching 3 is dull. --Nothing more than a skinned puzzle game, yet eats up battery and heats up phone. -Horrible UI that doesn't register taps. -Repetitive and bland soundtrack. -Lame storyline, but hey, that's mobile gaming for ya.

william · 3/19/2013

Have no idea how many hours I've put in this game but I'm hook don't mind the prize but the not resuming part gets annoying very good game none the less.


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