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Aaron · 3/23/2014

Purchased app in good faith (stupid on my part) game crashes after intro on Dell Venue 8 Pro.

Thomas · 3/15/2014
Could be good

I read mixed reviews on this app so I loaded the demo first. It loads to the opening screen showing the character and then crashes to the desktop. Unless this can be fixed I wouldn't waste your money on this.

Nathan · 12/9/2013
No Multiplayer

Please make this multiplayer and it will be a 5 star game

Jessica · 12/6/2013
Wish it didn't crash constantly...

Seems like it would be cool, but WAY too buggy. Crashes all the time, saves irregularly. Bummed that I paid money for this. :(

Eric · 8/16/2013
Awkward touch controls

I think Harvest has it for this genre. You should auto move when you click an npc

Reviewer 5732 · 8/6/2013
not so bad I guess

Kind of like all the others, but would give you four stars if you can fix a bug. Cant access the blacksmith

Mitchell · 1/31/2014
fun game

this game is fun but on the first level once you cross the bridge with the blue light the game crashes and im level 7 stuck on that level meant for level 1-2 players and its so easy on that level when you are level 7 please fix the game. I wont by the full game until I know it works fine. I want to keep playing so fix it please! if you fix it I will give it 5 stars.

Reviewer 2809 · 1/22/2014
I dont know anymore.

I tried to play the game after getting my surface 2. It crashes before I can even play now. I tried even factory resetting my new surface 2 but it still crashes even after updating everything. I've tried to support this developer but they seem to have given up on this game as well as the community supporting it. Please fix your bugs.

Mike · 12/26/2013
Awesome game- if it worked.

This game is just about perfect, except it doesn't work at all on my Asus T100 running 8.1... It appears this is a Win8.1 issue. When that is worked out, this will be a lot of fun again.

Reviewer 3039 · 12/21/2013
Good deal, had fun playing

This is the best metro RPG game for the price that I've found so far. Lacks a bit of polish and has no random dungeons, but it did take me several hours to finish the quest chain. Issues: Blacksmith show an icon, but I can't interact with him, and the Consume feature seems overly weighted toward weapon drops. Finished Very Hard at level 40 with a stun lock mage FTW!



  • Story-driven, classic ARPG gameplay in a beautiful 3D world
  • Real-time combat, complex and customizable
  • Thousands of Loot combinations
  • Unlock New Difficulty Modes
  • 6-10 hours of initial gameplay
  • Unique Boss Encounters and Elite Monsters

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Version notes

Fixed yet another bug which caused some Legendary weapons and shields to not save properly Fixed a bug which caused some Legendary weapons and shields to not proc their ability Fixed a bug which allowed the quest to become broken if the user quit from a menu prematurely Fixed a bug which caused the "Charge" ability to hit a target multiple times Fixed a bug with the Task Log which caused some tasks to not be visible in the list even if they were completed Fixed a bug which caused ability points to be refunded from skills when loading with a save from an older version of the game Fixed a bug when you use the "Blur" ability next to a zone line which caused visual issues Fixed some typos and text issues Made Legendary weapon and shield ability proc text more noticeable Added dynamic shadows for more devices. Dynamic shadows may not be performant for everyone and they can be disabled via the options menu Added an information window which shows difference in gem slots when equipping armor (this window can be disabled using the options menu) Allowed wrap-around menu navigation for controller Revamped options menu including options to enable or disable dynamic shadows and blood effects

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