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Christopher · 7/18/2013
Want more

When r u going 2 add additional features?

Desmond · 6/18/2013
Not to deploy

Good for viewing. Recommended for pros

George · 8/27/2015
New ups

The new up grades are difficult but fun, just need patients.

Craig · 5/7/2014
Simple, but somewhat useful.

One always wants more, but this is a nicer way to review the game map than the phone app.

Jake · 5/4/2014

I really like this concept, it's very helpful for when I'm sitting on my computer and want to know what's going on! I would love to see QONQR on the windows 8 app store that you can log into and play. I see quite a bit more people going to Windows 8 tablets now a days! I have it on my Android tablet and I love it! Again this is still an amazing app!

Tina · 1/25/2014
Love the concept but..

Would like to be able to play on just the tablet, I just have an android phone but would love to be able to still play your game on my win8 tablet. I will keep the game in hopes of playing it one day.

Thomas · 12/18/2013
Great companion app.

The smartphone game is simple & addictive. The PC companion app adds a great layer for strategy & observation. Two thumbs & a pinky toe.

George · 11/21/2013
Really cool game and concept.

The game on Windows Phone 8 is good, but you need to play with others to truly enjoy it. If you can not get friends to play or are not willing to reach out to strangers in the game to coordinate game-play, then you will be bored, don't bother. There is a "pay to win" aspect part of the game. It is not too bad, but it can be abused if certain persons are willing to spend "enough" real life money to buy power.

Nathan · 7/28/2013
Great Idea - Keep Updating

This is a great idea, but there are a lot of things that could be added that would make this a great app. Add a way to display changes that have taken place. They show up temporarily and disappear. Create the ability to display changes that have taken place in the last "x" amount of time. Add player display filters. Let me see bot breakdown in zones. Updates are way too slow all the way around. I get much faster updates on phone! Needs drag to select option for zone lock.

Dennis · 7/25/2013
Not bad!! -- Could use some updated features

This app is really nice as a QONQR player, as it grants an awesome view into the area(s) you want to focus on. Makes for a cool command console when coordinating attacks or viewing recent activity. It would be nice to increase the display "quote bubble" frequency for changes that are occurring throughout your zones. It'd also be nice to have an option for scanning enemy formations and nanobot counts. Overall though, a REALLY FUN supplement to an already fun game!



  • Location-based MMO
  • Monitor the game using this command center game expansion

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