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Updated links to web portal. Removed confirm prompts when using refresh items.

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ismail · 7/18/2015

Cool mapping awesome game hard challenging a million must play game

troy · 7/19/2015

Truly an outstanding game. Best app for Windows for sure. Its a little hard to get the concept of and there are a lot of people that buy a bunch of upgrades and tilting the playing field in their favor making it harder for people to start playing but that doesn't affect me because in my area, most of the players are abandoned accounts so I'm trying to get my friends in on it so I can play with them.

PNI · 7/13/2015

Very addictive game. It's also a good way to train your brain in strategizing.

User · 7/15/2015

This game is really fun and addicting... Although, at first its really confusing.

Naren · 7/8/2015

Qinqr is the most addictive game I have ever played and can get seriously competitive, especially during Atlantis. I recommend it for everyone who wants something other than arcade games on their phones! Join the Faceless, type "Arenen" as your recruiter and get free goodies!

Derek · 7/8/2015

This is a great, well thought out game! You don't even need a whole lot of time and dedication for this. It could use a bit more improvements on the social side of things, such as calling out for assistance in an area. But hey, it's a free game. With a few minor improvements, this could become one of the biggest games on a mobile device. A little bit of diplomacy can also make the game more immersive. Psst, Legion is the best... Join The Legion using the referral code: Temple and gain two free valuable in-game Cubes!

James · 6/29/2015

A fun time killer that is similar to Risk.

Maria · 6/26/2015

Love this game! I'm already addicted! I think it might be hard to understand for most, but if you pay attention, you get the hang of it really fast.

Patrick · 7/13/2015

Incredibly addicting. Good game

Chris · 6/26/2015

Fun game, a little overwhelming at first look, but the tutorial is very great. Everything you need to know is explained. I just wish qredits accumulated quicker at lower levels.