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Jon · 9/28/2014

Frustratingly hard with little payback. Feels like asteroids with gravity only your right button is stuck on constantly and you don't get to shoot.

Jag · 8/7/2014

Slow :-\

Dominik · 8/1/2014

It works. Game just sucks, camera is horrible.

Leonardo · 7/31/2014

I am very disappointed in the Xbox live not working as that was a feature I was excited in completing the achievements. The game is pretty simple and pretty good but wish it had more. I HOPE THE XBOX LOG IN IS FIXED PLEASE!

Joshua · 4/25/2014

Not fun at all.

Andrew · 1/15/2014

Wouldn't be terrible. The odd achievement point awards irritate the hell out of me, though, and seem to be present only to make people try to be completionist on an otherwise mediocre-at-best game.

Jeremy · 9/20/2014

There's a difference between hard difficulty and 'I Want To Throw My Phone At A Wall' difficulty. Right now, it's the latter. I understand the game is supposed to be hard but when gravity is not cooperating properly by pushing/pulling you away/towards a planet gets annoying REALLY fast. Let's not forget about the camera. I'd rather the game camera be locked onto the raddid so that I can actually SEE which way I am facing and where I'm flying to; not where I'm flying from. I'm hoping the next update (IF there is one) will have those fixed (mainly the screen panning).

Michal · 9/9/2014

Fun game, but the camera sucks big time. How am I supposed to control the rabbit when it's off camera most of the time. I ain't no psychic to know in what direction the rabbit is headed when I don't see him

dylan · 9/3/2014

Love the rabbids, love the game. Can be a little tough at times, but well worth putting in the time to master. Great job UbiSoft, keep 'em comin'

Ahmed · 8/31/2014

Great game, come up with new episodes. Definitely worth downloading and playing, you don't have to make an in-app purchases to beat it.


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