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Christopher · 8/1/2015
A semi-confusing mess

This game is unsure if It wants to be a online marketplace or a game. I feel like the micro transactions are no more than a tap or two a way (as they are always front and center) and its way too easy to grab power ups. a few levels in I felt like the challenge was no longer there. Its fun and creative and the artwork is always great. But the mechanics aren't great and the game seems to encourage you to jump ahead without completing a level. I honestly prefer the first Rayman Jungle Run. And this game was fun... to a point.

Quenton · 7/21/2015
fun to play

I'm having no lag or slow down or any issues with this game app. Great level design and artistic style. Kids to adults can find a challenge and its very entertaining and fun.

Stefano · 8/1/2015

Not responding to clicks/taps in Windows 10, therefore we can't select any of the game options such as play, options etc. Please update ASAP.

Matthew G · 4/27/2014
Good game, poor framerate on Atom BT processors

It's obviously an excellent game just like the first Rayman run game, but it has near-crippling framerate issues on Windows 8.1 tablets that use the Atom Bay Trail processor, as well as RT tablets (i.e., cheaper Windows 8 tabs). Sadly, a little like the first game on 512mb RAM WP8 phones in that regard.

Shane · 3/15/2014
Optimize Optimize Optimize

Great game on x86 x64 and Windows Phone. Needs to be optimized for the Surface RT. Unstable framerates almost make it unplayable on the Surface RT.

Dylan · 8/8/2015
Stopped Working

I loved this game, it was well made. It doesn't work anymore as I have upgraded to Windows 10. I love W10 and won't go back, so this is a game I guess I can't play anymore. Also can't get my money back. Really hope an update comes.

jamie · 8/21/2015
Does not work

Can't select menu options for example play , if I click up diagonally from the button about and inch it selects , this makes it pretty useless and stupidly hard to select anything with any degree of accuracy

Tommy · 3/11/2015
Already purchased - I have reciept

I have already purchased this game. Why if I own it and have a receipt, should I purchase it again to play it on my phone. The receipt doesn't specify a platform or device. Thought WP was great but these double purchases are making me gravitate back towards Android again.

J0HN · 10/27/2014
Great Game, but not without problems.

Raymond Fiesta run is a fun program. I crowned every level at 100 percent, then I racked up 360,000 points only to have my Surface RT crash, causing Raymond Fiesta Run to reset everything to zero. I have no way of telling whether it was the Surface tablet or the Raymond Fiesta Run application that caused the crash. I had swiped down on the screen to close the Fiesta Run game to take a break, and when I had tried to re-open the game the Surface RT was unresponsive with a blank black screen, so I reset the SRT by pushing the on button to reboot. After rebooting, I was very disappointed to see that Raymond Fiesta Run had reset to zero apparently erasing all of my points accumulated over the past year. Be sure to set up your system backup -otherwise your system is likely not being backed up.

Alexandre · 10/22/2014

DON'T BUY IT. The framerate on the Surface 3 Pro is just ridiculous. This is not enjoyable. Do they even test the games before putting them on the Store??



  • Indulge in 75+ levels and 4 festive worlds
  • Discover the amazing new Rayman powers
  • Take on new challenges with the Invasion mode
  • Enjoy gorgeous graphics
  • Challenge your friends and share your achievements

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