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Michael · 8/17/2015
Great for Windows 8.1

The key mapping is off under windows 10 which means you can still play the game but it's difficult to navigate the menus because you have to press above and to the left of the icons. Great game guys! With a fix it would be four or five out of five!

Christopher · 8/18/2015
Unresponsive in Windows 10

This app functioned properly under Windows 8/8.1 in desktop mode, and as such I feel it deserves three stars. Now the app has issues detecting pointer input, as if the mouse and touch input are not being detected in the right area while interacting with this app. The 360 controller no longer functions with the app as well. This unfortunately makes the game unplayable in its current state.

Stefano · 8/1/2015

Not responding to clicks/taps in Windows 10, therefore we can't select any of the game options such as play, options etc. Please update ASAP.

Angel · 8/24/2015
Not working!

I can't even do anything on the game anymore before Windows 10 it was fine, Please fix this the game was good when It actually worked.

Josaphat · 8/13/2015
it doesn't accept the keyboard to play it

It is unresponsive to any keys on windows 10

mike · 7/31/2015
Not working!

I just bought this full game and it doesn't respond to touch can't do anything!

Vincent · 10/14/2014
Pure fun

I love this game! The levels and game mechanics are creatively designed and thoughtfully engineered and the aesthetic is colorful and fun.

Mustafa · 8/1/2014
Great Game... Not Universal with WP version

This is a great game. But it should be universal game with the windows phone version.

Sean · 7/1/2014
Achievement Unobtainable, Major Game Breaking Bug

Many users cannot get the final Lums Survival achievement because the game will crash after playing approximately 31 levels. If you start at 1-1, it will crash at 4-4 if you play straight through. If you start at 1-2, it will crash 4-5. This is clearly a problem on Ubisoft's end as it is all over Xbox Achievement websites. No one properly tested the achievements. Microsoft has a policy where achievements must be obtainable and Ubisoft has broken that policy. Patch this app ASAP, otherwise avoid this version.

Reviewer 0827 · 1/21/2014
Uhhh... kind of a waste

I cannot help but feel as if this was a rushed game; the levels are like 1 minute long, and it is easy to not die. In fact, the challenge of the game is being able to complete it. The graphics however, are really good. I give major props to the graphics designer. Do yourself a favor and get minion rush for free.



  • Join Rayman in 70 gorgeous levels and try to bring as many lums as you can!
  • New powers to unlock as you progress: jump, punch, fly, run on wall...
  • 7 worlds to discover each with their own atmosphere and gameplay
  • Unlock the challenging land of the livid deads levels if you have the skills
  • Play the game as Rayman or Globox!

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Because we always want more people running with Rayman, the game is now compatible with computers equipped with ATOM processors!

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