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ted · 10/6/2013

Not bad... Fun to pass the time... Add me for leader boards achievement halo head ted

BowserBug · 8/19/2012

pretty fun, but level 47 is impossible to get gold and thus get all the achievements. Has been broken since release with no response from the developer's support site.

macgregor2k · 4/19/2012

Nothing new or interesting just a very plain old drag and drop gear game, although with a very nice home screen.


Glitched Achievement STILL!!!!! When are you going to learn to do this right!!! WILL NOT BUY GAMES UNTIL ACHIEVEMENTS ARE FIXED!! -3 Stars till fixed! Good game. Very addictive!! Test the mind on exact positioning. 1 Achievement is glitched for collecting all gold metals level 47 says 3 moves & that is impossible. Very fun game though. Runs good on Samsung focus. Add to friends for leader board achievement!

JoelBrache · 12/28/2011

Great game. Very enjoyable. Lost one star due to level 47 having a bug that does not allow you to get the third gold medal. This also keeps you from being able to earn the last achievement. Lost one star for level design requiring pixel perfect accuracy. Difficulty should not come by way of exact pixel perfection, but rather complexity in the puzzles and timing for completeness. The way moves are calculated is poorly implemented. You should be allowed to drop a piece on the board and move it around without having to have the piece under tour finger, which blocks the view. The alignment grid is great, but should be the primary means of moving pieces.

Taliesin · 12/15/2011

Only did trial but it was way to easy for me to consider purchasing.

XrstalLens · 11/27/2011

Fun to play, good puzzles. A few are too picky and need pixel precise positioning which can be quite frustrating. As others have mentioned, the final achievement cannot be obtained.

coldassassin556 · 10/7/2011

Incredibly easy, just drop the cogs in. Boring and repepative, do demo before buying

QCIHDTM · 10/7/2011

The game is fun but the publisher is irresponsible in not fixing the broken level. It's a minor change and they are not making it. they should be ashamed.

Candy Pumpkin · 9/18/2011

Great game, just need to fix the gold medal on level 47.


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