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Josiah · 8/21/2015


Aaron · 4/28/2015

No updates since 2012????!!!

Adeer · 5/12/2015

The game is great what you expect from this version, but what I can't stand is the laziness in the hard mode. Instead of giving the Ai more intelligents and allowing them to make smarter moves, they stupidly just made your percentage of winning a battle lower. The ai doesn't get smarter your chances of winning just get lower. This is not how risk should be played. It's broken this way.

Israel · 1/6/2015

Good game, nice presentation, excellent play&pass but very limited in variety! Not worth $3 wait for a red stripe deal!

Jonathon · 11/26/2014

Perfect game if you know and love the original. Easy to complete all the achievements. Takes about 4 hrS to 100%

Timothy · 10/11/2014

Great game enjoyed pass n play for hours with bored coworkers

Varand · 10/9/2014

Not on Windows 8, would love to play it on my Surface. Good Risk game, some features (added information order, card collection, total units for user and opponents, added maps, randomizing game starts even more.) NEEDS AN UPDATE. Multiplayer is nonfunctional (freezes, disconnects, lags A LOT.)

Logan · 9/29/2014

Great game! Fun to play with the pass n play setting with friends.

Plamen · 9/17/2014

Good game. How difficult it is to add more maps or allow custom maps editor. The current paid version should be a demo, while a version with more maps and map creator should be paid instead.

jonathan · 7/1/2014

My favorite board game of all time. Fast and easy to use the same way that it was announced on the app info ....so amazing love risk !!!!!!!!!!


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