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Marco · 7/23/2015

The game is almost perfect. Sometimes it glitches and makes me calculate the hit without even going to the speed phase.

Matthew · 7/10/2015

Fun game. A little too easy to know who will win before the joust even starts, though.

Elijah · 7/13/2015

Great game. Fun, fast paced, feels like a real jousting tournament. Good and long campaign + endless pvp! Would give 5 stars in a heartbeat, but very buggy. Also, I feel like the ribbon mechanic could use work.

Joshua · 7/7/2015

Will be a fantastic game once it can run for more than 2 minutes without crashing. I love the concept and will gladly rate 5 stars once it's fixed. Right now though this game is just not playable unfortunately, and little more than a fancy demo video. Update - Still can't load past opening screens so downgrading from 2 stars to 1 star.

sadjad · 6/25/2015

Mission 222 is impossible it never reach high speed

Max · 7/9/2015

Great quality, but that ends up burning my hands. I would love to constantly play this, however.

Caidan · 7/15/2015

It was fun when it worked, but now every time I try to play I have to re-enter my name, and it shows me the 5 leagues, then it crashes! Maybe 2/10 times it lets me go to the tree map thing and I click play, THEN it crashes and I can't do anything else! Nokia Lumia 630. Please fix this, I've been loyal and a huge fan of Gameloft (asphalt 8 airborne is AMAZING!), my dad is a beta tester for gameloft, but the fact I can't play totally sucks! PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

Brett · 5/11/2015

Fun fun fun but crash crash crash. If it would let me receive my reward after beating the final boss it would be a five star game. Very addictive if you don't mind the crashing.

aaron · 7/23/2015

Force close can't even start, feel like playing the game and actual get a feeling of it. Biatchh

William · 5/22/2015

App works fine for me, no crashes. The game is tons of fun and the tournaments are great, ig this game isn't that popular so it's really hard but not impossible to get in the top 10 unlike some games.