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James · 5/10/2014

The music sounds like it praises shooting babies. What a terrible thing to put in background music.

User · 4/20/2014


User · 4/20/2013

Overall a fun game,but the horrible controls will turn many people away.try before you buy.

fancy0479 · 4/20/2012

seems interesting, but way more expensive. Would buy when it's 0.99.

Yaser1994 · 5/17/2011

Fun...ish. But will buy when cheaper.

User · 10/22/2013

Addictive and frantic game play makes this a great addition to your WP.

Jacob · 8/18/2013

Great game!! Very addicting!

Ryan · 5/19/2013

Like it's Windows 8/RT counterpart (Rocket Riot 3D), Rocket Riot for Windows Phone is one of the best mobile touch games I've ever played. Intuitive controls, fantastic retro graphics, and loads of extras. The only thing that could make it better is real-time online multiplayer.

Nikola · 4/15/2013

Excelent game. Works great, fluid, nice graphic, funny story... :-)

User · 2/23/2013

Rocket Riot is arguably one of the best games on the Windows Phone. It has smooth controls, and an art/display style that is perfect for a mobile device. It has plenty of levels to entertain you for hours on end. It is very addicting and a great time-killer. There are a few things I wish were in the game. One such thing is community maps and skins, which would make the game last much longer. I also would like to have competitive multiplayer. In the various levels the game has, it makes it obvious that simple multiplayer modes like Deathmatch, CTF, and Domination could be easily implemented.


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