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michael · 8/17/2015
Good game

Been playing for a bit and so far it seems pretty good. Enjoyable

Reviewer 6089 · 7/22/2015
Roman Empire Trial Version

A simple to learn, yet highly addictive RTS game. Thanks for creating this!!!

john · 8/22/2015
Really like this

My grandson and I really enjoy playing this. Gets kind of comical. Makes him work on halves

Reviewer 0194 · 7/8/2015
I PAID, and it still feels like pay-to-play!

You cant get to the next area without scoring like 85% on the previous area. Now, I am a perfectionist especially when it comes to strategy games but this is crazy for a game I have paid money for. It is challenging, no doubt about it, and I appreciate that, but geez, I expect to be able to progress to the next map if I've done better than 50% after I have PAID for a game. Being the perfectionist I am, I will spend a ton of time going back to replay to get all the stars, but after paying I expect to have reasonable access to all levels. This one fails in that respect. It is hard, and you'll feel like you're paying a pay-to-play.

Reviewer 5299 · 8/17/2015
Good game...

Having fun...

Scott · 3/26/2015
Gets boring-don't bother buying. stick with trial

Tried Free version Tried Trial version Bought full version Game gets real tedious and boring. l wrote a longer and more in-depth review as to what was good about the game and what was not, but someone decided my opinion was too negative. So beware of games that can't withstand an honest review, even though l gave them an A for concept and a B for effort

Reviewer 3173 · 3/15/2015
Graphics are meaningless

I was disappointed that this game was the same as all its predecessors. With the roman theme, the maps, and graphics I expected at least that armies would have to route around mountains, over bridges, etc., adding some small innovation to this game type. Nope. Armies just march over mountains and rivers just as they would open ground.

Reviewer 8423 · 5/29/2015
Great game, super annoying minor points

The game itself is a ton of fun. What isn't fun is the fact that you have to earn enough stars to advance in levels but how exactly stars are given is never explained (is it efficient use of troops, time, maintaining control of captured cities?). Honestly, I would rather just move between levels by beating them. The star system seems like a cop out for designing a better AI. Also, the constant requests for donations despite the fact that I already bought the game are super annoying. So yea, well programmed but a couple of unfortunate design decisions mean I play other games.

Donald · 6/20/2015
Roman Empire

I was use the free version, still like it, and practice my Europe geography, like a lot, thank you.

Reviewer 6654 · 6/4/2015
Great game

Glad to finally see a strategy game without all the clans guilds and multiplayer being necessary. good to just play without all the drama sometimes :)



  • 48 different maps with unique graphics and tactical terrain features.
  • Large map of Europe with your current location. Complete levels to move to the next ones.
  • Tutorial with videos explaining how to play.
  • Play with your friends from Facebook and Live.
  • Nicely presented historical facts about the Roman Empire.

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Adjustment and support for new Windows 10 features.

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