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• Alliances can raise their Skull Bonus through battles to allow fairer Wars. • Players will earn personal reward chests for performing well in a War Season. • Enjoy the various improvements, polishing and bug fixes.

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Rafael · 7/31/2015

Very amusing and well done. Astonishing graphics without lags. Fun guaranteed! Updated 28/07: Game with annoying bugs, like the dungeons crash, and also no cloud sync.. Pleas fix bugs and add cloud sync on OneDrive with windows phone 8.1 Updated 31/07: Dungeon bug fixed by uninstalling and restoring king data by flare games. If you happen to have the dungeon bug, contact them in forums.

Bill · 8/1/2015

Fun to pass the time

Reviewer 9515 · 7/29/2015
great game

I've played most of the top games in the store and this one is still my favorite, the alliance wars are exciting and now more rewarding. Takes time to build up but its balanced to where you can have fun even at lower levels and more challenge at higher ones. disappointments have been very few with this game, I will play it until they make a 3 which I hope they wont rush it.

Reviewer 5433 · 7/28/2015
Absolutely flaw

There are many aspects to the game which will are not constantly waiting for upgrades. You have....a castle with multiple varieties of three defenses (towers, traps, and blockades) placed along a strategically designed and growing path defended by waves of your customized and upgradeable castle guard which other players must try to traverse to knock down your castle wall before the time runs out. There is a dungeon of increasing difficulty earning you new monsters and gems for special needs purchases. You can purchase new equipment to improve your abilities including, weapon, helm, shoulder guards, armor, boots, belt, and rings....or win them by chance after defeating other players castle wall. There is a tournament dimension which has you compete for highest points against other players. Lastly you can join a group of players, contribute to winning wars against other groups and earn special powers when you win (limited time). Please just give me a login screen!!!!

Adlai · 7/27/2015

Decent game but you hit a roadblock and gets wayyy too tedious after a while around 3.5k trophies when everything gets so expensive to upgrade. Being a solo player doesn't help because alliance upgrades are way to OP

Bojan · 7/23/2015

Great game, very addictive, but from latest update dungeon is not responding, when i try to enter it exits the game

Corey · 7/30/2015

Just as addictive as the first one

Kenneth R · 7/20/2015
royal revolt 2

# 1, what else can one say ( ; . minus restarts & LONG waiting period, it still is a very fun and enjoyable game or pass time ;) , just one of those lil games you just can not put down , have FUN for sure#1,still #1,gets better and better all the time

Reviewer 9807 · 7/27/2015
Great fun

Good graphics, easy to learn and fun

Reviewer 3369 · 7/19/2015
Awesomeness in simplicity

Game is fun and addictive as well as easy to use. Great time spent playing it!

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