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Strange · 9/1/2015

Easy, passes the time

Reviewer 2746 · 8/30/2015
long wait times

I've played phone apps that allow you to gain in game currency way faster. this game is no way to pass the time because you're only able to do a couple of things and then it's a 10 to 30 to 60 minute wait till you're able to do anything again. when you're new at the game you will see a bunch of cheap bundle deals that just so happen to be worth more gems than you have. nice try, just a cheap trick to get you to purchase gems with real money. the way the game works, if your thinking about download it, is you have two workers that help you build buildings or upgrade buildings. the higher the level building the longer it takes. when the two workers are occupied then guess what, you better have another game to play or something else to occupy your time because you have to wait for those workers to finish before you can continue working on your castle. you are able to purchase more workers, as if its worth it, just one extra thing you can do before you have to wait another lifetime.

Reviewer 2488 · 8/30/2015
Royal Revolt 2

Really awesome game! Something I've noticed: Almost every game has, like, the basic currency and, y'know, the one that's hard to get. In this game, like almost every game you use coins and gems. In most games the gems are hard to get. In this game you get a lot of rewards and stuff so that you have gems. Also, when you spend gems you actually get a form of currency back calls pearls. Although, they look nothing like pearls. But it's a really fun and awesome game. Pretty easy. It takes a while to install, though. But it's just a really fun game.

zachary · 9/1/2015

Love the game great way to pass time

Reviewer 6993 · 8/31/2015
Fun Game

So addictive

Avery · 8/29/2015

Everything wrong with thus game, I hate how I can't listen to music while playing, kind of lame. It is wifi only. The sounds of that chick breathing? Seems the dungeon no work 😞. Plus side of this app. Unique strategy style setup. All the new updates are killa good. I had an amazing clan set up for clan wars (it fell apart). But you actually made it work to where there are alliance wars. Fix bugs pl0x

Reviewer 1894 · 8/21/2015

Enjoyable random fun

Jason · 8/21/2015
Amazing game.

Playing on a windows 10 desktop. Love the game, only issue I have is I can't access the settings to lower the sounds or change any settings for that matter. Just a blue screen. Have to close the game and open back up to get back to the main game again. Other then that little issue, 100% loving the game.

soroush · 8/19/2015

Please add a notification alarm for windows phone...or not supported hotmail

Ryan · 8/25/2015

Similar to Clash of Clans, but you can control your troops and their targets. But as always, if you want to be good at this game, you have to spend money or spend ridiculous amounts of time to get there.


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• Alliances can raise their Skull Bonus through battles to allow fairer Wars. • Players will earn personal reward chests for performing well in a War Season. • Enjoy the various improvements, polishing and bug fixes.

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