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Agatha · 2/9/2015
Got to the end

I just couldn't get that last key (challenge 299). oh, well. I took the game off my computer and will reinstall when new challenges are supplied. Otherwise - good game. Kudos.

Marilyn · 2/8/2015
Great Game

I haven't been playing this game for very long, but I love it, and the characters are done very nicely.

Jonathan · 1/24/2015
Great Game

Not my fav, but it's a great time killer. I've downloaded it on Windows Phone, my work PC, AND my personal laptop so that I can play it anywhere. The game is genuinely difficult (to master) but easy to play. Is it luck? Is it trigonometry & physics? Umm, it's both? Plus I dig the storyline so far. I can't quite put my finger on what it's 'missing' (if anything), but it also could just be personal preference - Skill Shot games aren't for everyone, but I like them!

Harry · 1/23/2015

I used to enjoy this game a lot. However, the latest update ruined some things: Some of the levels are terribly laggy and golden coins are not useful anymore. It seems that the game is going to disappear shortly. It's a pity, it was cool! Achievements are easy, by the way. One of them will be unobtainable once the game is off the store, it seems.

Jodie and Tony · 1/23/2015
Secrets And Treasures: The Lost Cities

Great Graphics, great fun...easy to lose time in.

John C. · 1/15/2015

This game is fun, sucks that it is getting delisted. Can be addictive...lol all in all a good game. Thank you Dev hopefully you are working on something me for windows. It does have some issues- On my Lumia 1520- no exit button - I just use my windows button and then shut it down. On my desktop - everytime just before I shoot the graphics are very jittery and right after shooting it stops, maybe an issue with my computer although I don't have the issue with any other games.

Jonathan · 1/7/2015

Here's a new one, I had this game on my phone but when I found out that the support for it would end soon I thought I would try for some achievements. I can't find the game on my phone and I didn't uninstall it. I went to the store to redownload and it wont let me. What the heck!

Eurayn · 1/6/2015

I found this app's Peggle-like gameplay to be casually challenging and addictively fun, during the brief moments between the constant crashes to the WP dashboard which nulled my progress and forced me to replay the same levels.

Robert · 1/6/2015

Sometimes the App closes itself on Win 8.1 and WP 8.1 other than that great that they implemented the use of a save between devices and that its like Peggle :) Sad that the Game will be removed mid-january :(

Blaine · 12/14/2014

Since the update fixed most of the bugs this game is tops. It has became my go to game quickly. I don't mind the refuel time since it gives me a break from playing and not getting obsessed. Controls are smooth, game has a good feel, overall just a great game.



  • Explore ancient temples, untouched jungles, and exotic cities long lost in the mists of time.
  • Navigate your way through a variety of brain-teasing puzzles, where a single misplaced shot can be the difference between success and failure.
  • Uncover the secrets of the Lost Cities… and find out what really happened to Professor Flintlock!

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THE WINTER SUPPLY CONVOY HAS ARRIVED! New in this version: ★ Brand new Achievement for Gamerscore-hungry adventurers: 'Secrets of the snowy mountain!' for 30G ★ 75 new challenging levels to lead your crew through ★ A whole new land of ice and snow to discover ★ New story and characters who can bring you closer to the truth... if you can trust them Download the update now, and continue your adventure!

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