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SPENCER · 9/1/2014
Seven Dwarfs: the queen's return

I simply loved it.It was great. I really think you might want to try it.

Nate · 10/15/2014
Fun game... hoping for an update

I installed this game a long time ago and only in the last few days have finally started playing it. It is quite a bit of fun. Our family, having an insane love of Disney, and especially Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, this obviously has a lot of appeal. I actually wouldn't even be opposed to paying for gold (though I wish you could earn it somehow in the game) but I read that the iPad version was shut down earlier this year and the game is just unplayable. Now I'm concerned that will happen here so I'm hesitant to pay for anything. I'd like to see an update, but given that news I doubt it will happen, so... I hope they reinstate the game on all platforms and give it some love!

Kim · 8/7/2014
Seven Dwarfs

Lots of fun with way more problems. If you make it to level 17 it will just stop working at all. If you want to be aggravated this is the game for you.

Sarah · 8/5/2014
Fun, but in-game purchases are needed to contine

This game is very fun to play and you can't wait to level up to continue on the quests. You start out as one dwarf and 'save' the others to help you work to reclaim the forest and save Snow White. Although it is a very engaging and fun game to play, to finish certain quests, you will need to use real money. They give you a certain amount of 'gold' but it's not enough to cover all of what you need to 'buy' to finish quests. In the game tutorial, it makes you use gold when you don't want to. I am stalled because I can't go any further without paying. Since it won't give me any new quests until the old ones are done, I cannot do anything else except level up. I finally found a new dwarf to rescue, but can't help him, because that quest won't show up. I am uninstalling and re-installing in the hope I can play better (there is no restart or new game option). I am going to use the gold given sparingly so as to finish the game. Hope it works!

Melissa · 8/2/2014
No more support no point in trying.

All support links to this game are no longer in existence. They took the game off of the website. It would have been amazing and I enjoyed it even through the insurmountable glitches - freezes- and the fact that you NEED TO SPEND MONEY to complete certain quests. That's not a FREE APP. So I lived with all of the angst and tried to continue, until I needed the downloads to continue, which are no longer there. Such a shame.

Rosalyn · 7/31/2014
Luv the game but crashes a lot

Crash alot and wish you can earn gold too not gust by it Its for my 3 1\2 year old we zip pass the opening a bit to dark for little ones but most are not reading like minds to up to you I say no. The game is easy just make sure your payment card info is locked so your child can't be buying stuff lol mines saw me put in number and just unlocked it SMH lol. Hope this helps

evie · 7/10/2014
its ok but I don't like it that much but you might

the game is ok I mean it loads well for me and it downloaded really fast and ya it works but, its just not very fun! I would not down load it if I were u but most people do like this game so...you might be one of those people! the good news is.. I don't think it has any upgrades or anything u have to pay for! as much as I know the game is totally free...just not fun for me maybe you will like it I say give the game a go!😉

Calvin · 7/10/2014

relaxing & enjoyable

Patty · 3/30/2014
Could be better

The game freezes a lot plus my gold keeps disappearing, and no I'm not spending it. At first I thought I was so I stop playing and watched it and 2 bars disappeared. There is also no way to earn them back unless you spend real money.

kevin · 3/27/2014

the term finish is misleading when in play mode cancel would be a better chose plus gold cost to use seems to double after its spent watch this game players/with all the BUGS in it not worth the look any more


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