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Dave · 7/31/2014

Gets old in about 5 minutes. Uninstall....

Milan · 7/29/2014

Doesn't even start. Keeps crashing in loading screen!

Antonio · 5/19/2015

A hell of alot of fun! A great quality Indie title you should definitely try. I didn't expect much and I was blown away. Also I love the Eldritch theme! As a fellow game developer, I am highly impressed.

Fernando · 8/22/2015

Very nice game. Sort of a tower defense game but originally different.

Brett · 3/15/2015

Fun tower defense, with small but very relevant decision space regarding upgrades. Bit lacking in enemy variety.

maikel · 1/21/2015

K the game is not boring it is rather simple but with such amazing graphics it is one of the best games on windows phone and it is a great way to spend time good job programmers

Frank · 1/17/2015

Amazing game. Runs perfect on my Nokia 1520. The graphics are gorgeous for a smartphone game. The game runs butter smooth with no hiccups. The gameplay is really entertaining and keeps you in loved. For the people complaining about how it's choppy and whatnot....get a better phone or turn down the graphics in the options so your old junk phone can kinda run the game. Stop blaming the game because your pone is old and/or slow.

Dominique · 1/15/2015

Gets kind of addicting once you start. Good graphics and features like weapons upgrades. Not complicated, just fast-twitch, hectic and fun.

Tuấn · 1/14/2015

The game is so addictive

Justin · 10/25/2014

Simply amazing. Shoot various Lovecraftian monsters before the mangle you at the top of the lighthouse... Excellently done. Lots of good tension


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New difficulty levels! New enemies - meet the Brawler, fear the Tank! New settings for controls, music and audio FX! Improved story and survival mode! Improved balancing and increased weapon levels! Improved user interface! Improved stability, performance and visual awesomeness! SHOOT'EM, BLOW'EM UP, GIVE'EM HELL!