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Sergio · 7/26/2015

Good pretty good but needs some bug fixes like when I choose to exit the lottery menu it closes the game which is a nuscence, and make it easier to get sheriff stars c'mon gameloft ya money grubbers..

jhaden · 7/19/2015

The graphics could be upgraded but the game should stay free. Love the game though, very fun

Marcus · 7/11/2015

Very Fun, Good to pass time if your needing to waste it

Dylan · 7/2/2015

Its pretty good reminds me of the game gun

christopher · 6/30/2015

It is a pretty good game reminds me of red dead redemption

Christian · 7/14/2015

This is just a fun game, there is nothing wrong with auto-targeting or the weapon choice. Its all fun

Omar · 7/2/2015

Overall, it's a great open world game full of things to do. I highly recommend it to people who enjoy sandbox type games. If Gameloft just adds better multiplayer and more detailed civilians, I'll give it a 5.

marlene · 7/13/2015

This game is awesome for real it has amazing graphics and you got a lot of options of what to do well playing this game

Gobind Singh · 6/19/2015

Best thing about this game is free roam. Graphics are nice(not great). Needs a bit of more detailing. A bit of performance upgrade is also necessary. Sometimes starts lagging a bit. But its ok. 5 stars for gameplay!

sean · 7/21/2015

I rate this game five stars because it is a great game with the best graphics I have ever seen, the story line is kind of strange and I beat the first half of it and there hasn't been a update to let you do the rest of the story line😢 still, in all I would rate this game five stars even with some irrigating glitches. (I only just found out how to fix the glitches, u have to open the lottery menu)