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Moki · 8/10/2013

Not ready for prime time. Buggy & slow.

coopnmichele · 10/17/2012

Glitches. Ball gets stuck for no reason. Not worth the $3 I spent on it. =(

Adam · 10/15/2012

Too glitchy, sad :'(

Robert · 10/15/2012

My first review didn't go thru. In short, no highscores to find, no music adjustment, no sound adjustment, no voice adjustment. The default, music volume 1, sound effects about 7, repetitive voice at 10. Annoying. Game is a little choppy on a 1.5ghz, and very very choppy on a 1ghz.. Both of my samsung windows phones. Graphics are cool, as is the game.

Tom · 10/15/2012

Meh. I was fully disappointed in the audio portion of this game. I was expecting something called Slayer Pinball to have an audible Slayer soundtrack. All you hear is a fake Tom Araya voice saying "***** of steel", "neutralized" when you lose a ball and one other thing. The music is barely audible even with the volume cranked. There also seems to be no way to configure anything. It be more fun to get a good pinball game and just crank your own stereo with Slayer.

cornelius · 10/14/2012

Ball gets stuck flippers half work and you can only play it vertically

Brett · 10/14/2012

App is constantly crashing. Ball goes off the board and game crashes. Terrible. I wish I could get my money back.


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