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Reviewer 0457 · 8/22/2015
Very Good!

This is a surprisingly enjoyable game, considering that it's free. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a cheapy Diablo clone. Worth your time.

Reviewer 3819 · 8/19/2015
Not for PC

It plays great on my android, and you can even play offline. But I tried playing it on my windows 8 and it requires you to run it full screen to play. But it makes the screen too big where you cant see about a third of the screen to the right, where all the spell buttons are, so fighting is quite difficult to manage. Don't bother to load it on the pc.

Puja · 8/16/2015

game for the ages

Aiden · 8/2/2015
Doesn't Load

On my computer the game doesn't start, it just stays on the loading screen for ages, so I gave it 2 *s just because the game looked good on the pictures.

James · 8/17/2015
Love the game.

It is a great game to pass the time and it has great graphics and good plot to it.

Laura · 8/16/2015
good game

good game had trouble finding out how to take a potion found this link for others with the same trouble http://h2021427.stratoserver.net/faq.html enjoy

Reviewer 0283 · 7/29/2015
Cross Platform Fun!

This game has dated graphics, begs for ONE investment, and feels indy and unfinished. However, it is cross platform to the point you can take it anywhere. It is following the MMO development model, so it will continue to improve, and promises at least 2 more classes in future updates. That means that $2.00 now will give you an ad free H&S you can play anywhere that will get better in the future. The mechanics are fun and will make you think a little, the story is a little rough (but who actually reads H&S rpg story lines?), the control scheme is a little awkward, you'll appreciate becoming a gold member (because the pop ups go away), and the game is most definitely developed by real people who are working toward making a remarkable game. 7/10 would recommend for $1.99 based on cross platform development/portability, developer's indy status, and the surprising lack of cross platform games available between windows and android.

Nicolle · 8/4/2015
Amazing Game!

The graphics are extraordinary and the game itself is addicting. Great game.

Keith · 8/15/2015
Not built for PC

I might have liked this title, I found it on my PC. After It installed I opened it and it stayed on the load screen till I opened it to pull screen, got actually into the game and the graphics were good but pushed to the right of my screen, I have a high resolution laptop and it still wanted either a larger screen or even better resolution. I was missing what all was being said because I couldn't read the whole thing. After my first mission I ended up having to force quit (Alt F4) cause it wouldn't go past the victory screen. I don't know how it runs on other devises but I would not recommend this game on PC

Reviewer 3891 · 7/26/2015
Fun Game

Very addictive gameplay and cool gear and crafting



  • Action RPG game with lots of hack n slash and dungeon crawling
  • awesome graphics and great gameplay in this best roleplaying game for Windows 8

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** If you encounter any problems please write to service at mobilebits.de ! ** CHANGELOG - Balancing improvements (make the game a bit easier again) - Unlimited Custom Quests for everybody - Improved Gold Member Advantages (e.g. Double Soul is back) - Faster Healing for free players - Bugfixing

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