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Beverly · 8/30/2015

Good graphics. Enjoyable game. The blind bid option allows for strategy moves. Sound effects are addictive.

Charles · 8/29/2015
Love the Spades

Free time for me is now fun. I love playing spades and the challenges it provides.

Jeff · 8/29/2015
Poor AI

Not for experienced players. Maybe ok for someone just starting out. AI bid is irrational with biding 2 or 3 yet throwing away kings on aces and playing the next trick in the same suit with a 7, 8, or 9 or throw off. Example human player throws and ace, partner throws king. Experienced players would figure out AI is out of suit and lead back to let partner trump or short suit himself somewhere else. AI will play same suit card. AI partner makes no attempt to cover a partners nil. If human player has the trick the AI partner will try to throw off every time. With what is said above, Suicide Nil is a waste of time since one person on each team must go nil every time.

Reviewer 8169 · 8/29/2015
Fun to play but sometimes the partner & opponent's

are really stupid, Kings are often dropped under Aces and often they let low cards win when they have the Ace, only to be trumped later. Also partner makes overreaching bids often, especially the few time it null bids, Finally partner lets player's null bids lose when they have the card to save the bid. The only saving grace is the opponents play so bad you can often recover before a 500 game. I went about 400 games winning 7 out of 8 times before the game got reset. Recently I have gone 90%+ winning for the past 100 games.

Gabe · 8/25/2015
Be prepared for really dumb partner play.

This game is fun to pass some time, but don't expect to better your game here if you are an accomplished player. There is a LOT of dumb AI play in this game. Blown nils due to cuts when the AI could have thrown off sort of thing. I would give this 1 star if I didn't understand how hard it is to get a good computer AI. Play Yahoo against real people if you want to truly improve those already mad skills.

Reviewer 4714 · 8/27/2015

I have a lot of time on my hands and I love the game of spades it gets my mind going in the mornings.

Reviewer 8102 · 8/21/2015
spades a great game

It is a great game that passes the time of day and is always a challenge

Cary · 8/21/2015
Moronic AI

The AI of the computer players is beyond terrible. To see it at its most terrible, go nil. It will do things like: - Trump a trick with the ace, thereby screwing you if you happen to have the king of trump (granted, a bad nil hand, but your partner ought to save the ace of trump for when its needed, not waste it trumping a club trick). - Simply not cover you - apparently in order to avoid taking a sandbag (never mind that it happily takes sandbags at other times). Congrats, Random Salad, you made a Spades AI that makes the AI from the old MS app look like a friggin' genius.

L. · 8/27/2015
SPADES Enjoyed

I have enjoyed your version of spades, but I would rather there wasn't minus points when your bid is lower than the points earned. This is a different way to play. It discounts your ability to bid.

LuAnn · 8/22/2015

enjoyable game



  • Easy and Hard difficulty modes
  • Classic and Suicide gameplay modes
  • Detailed statistics to track your progress
  • Rename your opponents

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