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kenyatta · 8/31/2015

The partner u give us to play with don't have aglue of how to play the game we should be able to change partners. Because sometimes u want to relax and play a decent game of spades. And that is real talk. It's so frustrating.

Shalane · 8/29/2015

Absolutely love it!! Great way to pass time😍

Tonya · 8/30/2015

Two things: When you and your partner both nil, if 1 makes it, the game sets both. Might be an obscure rule. Also if I nil, my partner dumps high spades when not necessary which can set me. Other than that a great game.

Thomas · 8/26/2015

Computer partner is awful! Would rather set your nil.attempt.then play for one over trick. Also bids nil after you already bid it constantly. I could go on! Who programmed this????

michael · 8/3/2015

One of many games to keep your mind focused MAK2.

Chris · 7/25/2015

Don't expect much from your partner on Nil, but very entertaining. Solid app.

Patrick · 8/23/2015

Only flaw is when you go Nil, your partner should not be able to go Nil also

loreen · 8/15/2015

Way to predictable. I don't enjoy playing any more When do you improve this game?

Craig · 8/9/2015

This can be a good game until the partner to the human player intentionally loses the game by overbidding or going double nil. there is obviously some flawed logic that either does not consider the human partner bid or the code is written to prevent wins from occurring. Absolutely ludicrous. it's is also becoming very common for the human's partner to intentionally play a low card in an effort to set the human who is attempting nil. why play a 2 when a higher card is in the hand. Rediculous

pj · 7/2/2015

Gr8 game...keeps my mind sharp and it's a good stress reliever, too! Thank you and Be Blessed!


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