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Connor · 6/22/2015

Very fun and addicting game. Love all the Halo sound effects and Music. IMHO 9.5/10

diego · 6/24/2014

The graphics suck put more guns and instead of gas level for the vehicles put like how many times you got hit I mean come on make the game better better graphics better guns,helments oh and also when you buy something in the "barrack's" let the thing that you bought last forever not just for one run honestly I could have made this app with my phone anyways long story short IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

andrew · 4/25/2014

Still lags even after the update

austin · 4/23/2014

Pretty cool but you have to jump at the VERY edge or you don't make the jump. Kinda annoying

Jason · 4/19/2014

Can't even play the game. I don't get more than 5 frames per second.

User · 4/12/2014

Fun, but the slow frame rate of the background takes away from that fun. And it seems to be an engine limitation, not something they could fix.

Chris · 3/28/2014

Right idea love the commendations and the credits to buy things makes you want to play more but the lagging when the game speeds up is a let down

SNAIL · 3/28/2014

Laggy as hell. If it would run normally, I'd love it.

User · 3/22/2014

Its good but it stopped working 😒

John · 3/21/2014

Would be fun, but too laggy.


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