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Leo · 6/29/2015

The speed in which it takes to get iron and make soldiers is too slow to do anything good when you start getting into harder leveled enemies

Erik · 11/7/2014
Simply the best but...

It locked up not once but twice... lost my installation, all my upgrades, and started with nothing again. When it locked up the second time and I lost weeks worth of upgrades and hard work, I could not justify installing it a third time. Fun while it lasted, but the lock up issue and the loss of all upgrades really ruined the experience.

Rui · 9/4/2014

Funny but otherwise repetitive.

Austin · 8/5/2014
Just the right combination of stupid and awesome

A fun, easy game to pick up and play for hours And its free to boot, so what have you got to lose?

Francesco · 6/21/2014

Awesome game..just increase basic unit upgradeability for variety's sake.. After wave 35 and gold troops they're pretty much useless

Omaed · 6/19/2014
This game reminds me of a game on my ipod

This game is similar to a game called Age of Myth which is my favorite game!😊 Now I can play a problem, glitch free game like Age of Myth on my surface 2!😄😄😄😄😄

User · 4/6/2015

Would be fun but it's soooo slow paced and tedious to battle. It gets boring.

User · 1/24/2015

6/5 This is on the Steam Market place for actual money while on this "amazing" windows phone, its free.

Jason · 7/23/2014

Fun game. But crashes alot on my 1520

Satyajit · 7/20/2014

Awesome Game. Loving it. Nice graphics as well 😎



  • Epic battles within 30 seconds!

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