• High resolution graphics
  • One-touch move
  • Man options, including right or left handed preference
  • Tap or drag to move cards

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NEW: Version 1.15 adds more card and background designs, optimized for Windows 8.1, and now available for South Africa, Brazil, Taiwan and Russia. Version 1.16 adds 40% faster loading time.

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Winston · 7/24/2015

Fast and fun. Doesn't make my Lumia 920 all hot and bothered like the Microsoft Solitaire Collection.

Rebecca · 7/19/2015
Love it

My IPhone version immediately goes to the best choice, matching suits as I would. This version just goes to any that's open (i.e., red on black when red on red is equally available), and I have to sacrifice moves to CORRECT the move. This needs to be corrected, above and beyond variety of backgrounds, card backs, etc. I play at least every day, though, and will continue, to keep my thinking quick and sharp.

PB · 7/16/2015
Play it all the time

Nice layout, great colors. Reacts very slow of late, did something change? Please fix it, I play all the time, love the game!

DJ · 6/25/2015

I have been using this app for a long time. It works pretty well and is fun. Few suggestions that would make the game better and ranked at a 5 star. 1. The help button only will show one potential move and will not cycle through all potential moves. 2. When you tap under the card to have it moved automatically, it will often move it to any color. Example, there is an open red three and red black and you want to automatically move the black two, it will move it to the red three. 3. The game drains the battery pretty bad. 4. If you lock the game for an extended period of time mid game it will forget all prior moves. Not sure if that is the game or the nature of the os though. Other than the few things mentioned above, none of which is a game ending experience, that app is pretty good!

Reviewer 7671 · 6/26/2015
good game

I enjoy playing this game and this version is easy to play with

Cecelia · 6/12/2015
HD Spider solitaire

I love playing this game. The HD effect makes it more realistic. would like to see more like this

stephanie · 6/13/2015

Great game! Lots of fun and very addicting!

jonna · 6/16/2015

It's awesome love playing it's addicting

Reviewer 8421 · 5/29/2015

I'm thoroughly enjoying this app. It provides variety, and you determine the amount of challenge according to the time you have available to play.

Reviewer 4151 · 5/30/2015
Love it

Can't get enough. Have to threaten to pull the plug to get my wife away fro, this addictive game. Love it.

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