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Art · 2/15/2014
Nice hybrid RPG

This would easily get 5 stars but starts to crash more often as you advance thru the levels. The touch screen works great on my win 8.1 tablet. You have the option in settings to play with mouse or touch.

Mike · 11/4/2013
Has Potential, But Needs a hotfix

The concept for the game is great, but when installed on the Surface RT 2 the touch screen controls are not aligned with the mouse controls. It defeats the purpose of playing a touch based game on a tablet if I have to use my mouse. I hope they will do a hot fix to align this up, it's frustrating to use the mouse on my keyboard for the surface. Once this is updated I'll re-rate it.

Steve · 11/7/2013
Thanks! looks promising

Not sure about other reviewers but game did work for me (Lenovo L440 laptop), it looks amazing, mouse& keyboard work(could be improved) I believe the game was updated today (11/7/2013), maybe a fix for other users

J · 11/2/2013
Touchscreen not aligned.

Loaded on a Surface, currently has serious issue with the gameplay not aligned with touchscreen making it unplayable. Hopefully a fix is coming.

Paul · 5/13/2014
Bugs are fixed

I first tried to get this game last year, but I couldn't even play it. Now everything is fixed and the game is great. This game is worth the price. I'm playing on my Surface RT and the touch works great. I have no problems. This game is worth the low ONE TIME purchase. I have encountered no in game purchases. Give it a shot. (I don't know if the trial works because I didn't use it).

Sandy · 10/29/2013

Cannot play!!!!!

Reviewer 3125 · 11/3/2013

Doesn't work with surface pro touch screen or with mouse doesn't even rate one star



  • Grab Squids by the tentacles, then fling them across the battlefield
  • Mixes the best of turn based action with classic RPG elements
  • Recruit a unique team of Squids in four different classes: shooters, scouts, troopers and healers
  • Use strategy and skill to win turn-based battles, use the environment to your advantage
  • Customize your party with special ability-boosting helmets
  • Enjoy an epic story with giant turtle rides and heroic boss battles
  • Discover the Squids' legendary world through gorgeous detailed levels
  • The game is localized in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Russian.

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