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Get your team ready for competitive battle arena action in this exciting update… Introducing LEAGUES! · Join a League in the Arena to earn valuable bounties and BONUS loot in story missions and special events! · Go head-to-head and win battles against fierce competitors! · Become the best in your class and earn promotions to higher, more distinguished leagues! Higher leagues yield better rewards!

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Jason · 6/28/2015

Crashes occasionally during missions which is pretty irritating, otherwise a wonderful game which I spend too much time playing Now it just doesn't like to load... No errors just hangs there on the loading screen Months later same issue! Please update.

Anthony · 5/6/2015

This app crashes/freezes/closes constantly! Besides that it's great, when I can play it. Also, it makes my phone extremely hot and I don't know why...

Brett · 4/21/2015

Really simple basic turn-based game. Good for killing some time or for young ones

Ross · 3/22/2015

Very fun and enjoyable

Ninja · 7/7/2015

No one fixed the hyper-drive! It is full of bugs.

Michael · 3/18/2015

Lots of fun but a bit repetitive and there are micro-transactions :(

Mike · 3/14/2015

My game just randomly restarted like I just downloaded it after spending at least 100 hours of game play, now there's no way to get my original account back. would give 5* but this makes anyone thinking of downloading and playing and especially spending money on this will be pointless cause it WILL HAPPEN TO YOU TOO! AWFUL GAME WASTE OF TIME AND FULL OF DISAPPOINTMENT, especially since apparently there is no support to help you when this happens to you.

Rebecca · 4/18/2015

Game is getting error code and not responding please fix People pay for your game and the is no way to reinstall and keep what you pay for. Will not load at all . Don't waste your money.

Justin · 5/3/2015

Very fun. However game crashes alot and there is no longer online support

Daniel · 3/18/2015

Glitches, freezes, and refuses to load. I've installed this game three times and played it through each time. Every time as soon as I get characters up to tier 5 the game starts refusing to load. After a while it just isn't worth waiting on anymore...