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Reviewer 3240 · 4/26/2015
Fun game

A fun little game to pass the time.

Reviewer 8777 · 4/15/2015
Really cool... love it!!!!!

I really don't play to many games just because most of them don't have enough substance. But star wars tiny death star is really fun! its the type of where you keep coming back to play more and more and there's no limit to the levels you can have! so get the game, you wont regret it!!!!!!!!!! 5 star

Reviewer 0373 · 4/5/2015
Love the concept, hate the execution

-Tedious manual elevator moving -Encourages you to spend actual money otherwise you have to wait several hours -basic one floor system, the death star is round.. how does that make sense? -very limited choices and strategy In other words, I really liked the idea but I didn't find it fun.

Reviewer 0422 · 4/2/2015
Tiny death star

I really like this game it is a super addictive and really fun.

chris · 3/28/2015

I've been addicted to this game for the last 8 months. it's the first app I open in the morning & the last 1 I update before bed

Glenn · 3/8/2015
I can tell it's gonna be great...

I just wish I could play it. Crashes every time on startup, when the loading bar is about 52% done.

Matthew · 2/23/2015
The Swag Beast of Star Wars

Great on everything except there should be a way to exchange coins for bux. Also another thing is the in app purchases but every free game has those. Other than not being able to exchange coins for bux yay. You can when you expand your death star either choose for the computer to randomize the level with a certain category. Or you can choose it for yourself with bux. Also you own your own businesses your are responsible for stocking and selling your products on your different levels. Also to build imperial stuff to fulfill Darth Vader's assignments. One time I sent a probe out and I got 7 battle droids. Star Wars Tiny Death Star is a huge success and the best storage I ever used.

Christian · 1/25/2015

This is a cute little game. It has an easy interface and is a nice way to unwind after work. It's not hard and everyone in my family can play.

Reviewer 5308 · 11/18/2014
Awesome on Desktop!

I love this game :) It definitely has purchases built in but I don't feel forced to get them.

Robert · 11/9/2014
great game but...

this is a great game except you can only reload your shops stack one at a time. if you can make it so that you can have two or three things reloading at once second is the difficulty to get imperial bucks these are all of my problems with the game.thank you

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