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Stewart · 7/30/2015
Great design and gameplay

The graphics and theme are cute and approachable. The music plays all the time but mostly doesn't get on your nerves. On my Icon there's the tiniest stutter occasionally, but otherwise it's just fun to burn a few minutes on.. if you like the genre. (I do). I'd like to see some new features, because it does eventually grow repetitive, but that's way far and many hours in. You don't ever have to buy anything with real money to succeed, that just speeds up some parts. There's a decent amount of thought that can go into optimizing your market place and make things faster without needing to shell out green backs. Well done.

Christopher · 6/2/2015

Super addicting and so much fun!!!

Darren · 4/26/2015

Fun time killer

Patrick · 4/27/2015

Great game, addicting and fun.

Nick · 4/19/2015

Really addictive and fun

Michael · 5/16/2015

Pretty fun game with a decent mix of content. Haven't felt overly pressured to pay to win, but it's there. The callbacks to the rest of the Star Wars universe are a very nice touch.

Andrew · 3/29/2015

God this game is stupidly addicting.

Karen · 2/25/2015

Awesome fun. Sometimes a bit laggy when you get more levels, and bitizens.

Byron · 2/23/2015

Totally addictive!

Shane · 2/22/2015

Great fun and good to pass time.