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Samuel · 11/15/2013
Perfect Sudoku Game

This Sudoku game is the best one which I play, becuase it's very difficult. I must use many rules to solve each game, such as X Wing, Y Wing.... etc. The other Sudoku game seems too easy once you play this. 玩過呢個game, 其他既Sudoku應該再難唔到你, 記得多思考, 睇下Hints先學到嘢, 加油!

Larry · 11/5/2012
Slow, hard to see and irregular puzzles

1. While playing a 'tough' puzzle the game got slower and slower until I gave up in frustration. 2. The screen is hard to read in that highlighted squares are very dark and penciled in possible numbers are difficult to read. 3.The puzzles break the basic Sudoku tradition of beginning with a symmetrical pattern of filled-in spaces.



  • Unique Sudoku puzzles
  • Puzzles by desired difficulty
  • Solution hints with descriptions
  • Full support for all view types, screen sizes and resolutions
  • Fast input (tap and hold)
  • Keybard input

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Version notes

Changelog: * Daily puzzles (login with Microsoft Account and compete!) * Bug fixes Changelog (old): * Bug fixes * Undo feature (and redo) * Setting to highlight incorrect numbers (default off) * Larger pencil marks * Symmetrical (180 degree) puzzles by default (can be disabled in settings) * Lighter background to get more contrast * High contrast background/theme * Improved performance and memory usage * Extended trial period to 15 days * Various minor fixes and tweaks

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