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Celeste · 8/13/2015

It's easy on the wrist; the larger buttons eliminate the (unintentional) tight restrictive grip on the mouse.

A.V.N.S.surya · 8/21/2014

this game very nice,and its to very sportively thinking mind to use for play this game

Tim · 6/8/2014
I Like it!!

Basic game for the mind. works flawlessly - I like it

Blu · 1/16/2014
Not so good

Does not let you put probability guess numbers in. Does not show you a running total of how many of a number is left. Easy puzzle is more of a hard. There are much better Sudoku Games out there. (added) I see now other people had the same problems.

David · 9/30/2013
Sudoku opinion

This game has multiple levels of difficulty which helps maintain it's level of interest. Unlike some Sudoku's, this one will challenge you. But not all levels are difficult. I play 'Easy' at times to bring my organization skills and speed up. The downside of this game is the advertisements will keep you from placing a number if you don't double tap the square before you play. This is a great game and the price is right.

Joy · 7/11/2013
Color options

I love to play Sudoku, so I was excited to download it. However, the colors of the numbers against the background make it too difficult for my eyes to see. I would love to see different colors or the option to change the colors.

Irv · 7/8/2013
No pencils

Without the pencil for notes, it becomes pure guessing, which I did. I couldn't believe I guessed correctly with so many open boxes. I wonder what the hint box is supposed to be. GET A DIFFERENT GAME!!!!!!!!!!

Ioana · 6/12/2013
What's hard is hard!

I'm glad that I got a challenging game. I love this game and I just completed a hard one. There is a problem though, actually 2: First I needed a pencil mode, which it could be very useful in 1 point. I had to write it on a paper to resolve it faster. Second, when I finished the game, I couldn't start a new one because the screen has been freezing. Please fix the problems. This game should be rated 5 stars by everyone who's serious enough in playing this game. Thanks.

Julie · 6/12/2013

I play lots of Sudoku at the hard levels. I can't even do the easy level here. No way to note possible numbers, the puzzle is so dark it is hard to read, can't tell if I've made a mistake... Have just made a donation for nothing! Will not play the game on this app again.

Billy · 2/21/2013
Fairly Good

It's a working Sudoku that is just as easy touch/type/keyboard. I like it!


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