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User · 5/17/2013


Shou · 10/6/2012


Golgoret · 7/31/2012

Tilt controls = garbage. Doesn't matter how good the graphics, gameplay, audio, or overall presentation is. The game has an invalid, broken control scheme and nothing else matters because of it

Grant · 6/26/2014

Pretty fun but will make you quite frustrated at times. Once you figure our exactly how much to move your phone to control the character the game gets more fun.

Chris · 10/20/2013

Controls are pretty bad... There should be options for being centered holding the phone at different angles... There should be one to look down on the phone and be centered when its flat, and one where exactly vertical is centered... Why they chose only the one between the two that would actually make sense is pretty weird... Guess they didn't have anyone play test it before the release...

D and E · 10/20/2013

*Demo Review* Not too bad, length wise. Stands up to it's retro fun for sure, but the controls can sometimes be unresponsive. The horrible part - IT'S NOT SUPER MONKEY BALL 2. It is INSPIRED by SMB2. In the full version, you can get LOTS of Gamerscore. If you're looking for a mobile version of SMB2, don't get this.

john · 10/1/2013

I have this also on the Samsung note 2 works better on it because The control's are less sensitive. And I wish they would just port the game cube original one on the phone. :-)

Jessica · 8/24/2013

Tilt control is way too sensitive... Having an option for gamepad would be great

David · 7/2/2013

Way to sensitive and not like the old monkey ball. Not even fun. Just really frustrating.

User · 10/21/2012

Great game. The guide on the bottom left is much more helpful with control. The graphics look great. I do wish you could calibrate a center dead zone though.


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