• 10 levels
  • 6 original music tracks
  • live tile to show your best score
  • 4 themes , 3 effects

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v1.7 update: Added new level Hyper Polygonest Visual improvements now 4 themes and 3 effects Square and Pentagon shows 2 themes and 2 effects try other themes and effects in tutorial mode Overall increase in difficulty

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Reviewer 0318 · 6/8/2015
Not hard at all, but Glitchy

Looks simple, but not very challenging, the only thing is when you pause the game, and comeback, you got instant death.

Jonatas · 7/15/2015

Really entertaining. Loved it.

Sam · 1/6/2015

Maybe it would be okay if it was original, but it's just super hexagon with bad music, bad narration, and ads. Also, not even appropriate ads! No, I do not want to meet Arab singles! The game doesn't even have the unique, intense and motivating music from super hexagon. Yeah, I get that this person probably couldn't afford Chipzel, but still. At the end of the day it is free, and I'd have rated three stars considering that, but the inappropriate ads made me change my mind. Also, it runs well on Lumia 930 for anyone wondering.

Krishnesh · 12/25/2014

Very bad try

User · 11/4/2014

Just a horrible rip off of super hexagon wich btw is on steam with all stages for only like $0.50 DONT GET THIS DONT PAY FOR IT GET THE PC GAME 100x cheaper!!!!!

Julian · 8/6/2014
Fun and addicting, but glichy

Great game but every time I unpause It gives me a death trap you can't dodge.

Duncan · 8/4/2014

It's a lot easier and less polished than Super Hexagon, the game it was based off of. Still decent though.

Yury · 6/9/2014

This is totally a ** Clone.

Alex · 5/10/2014

Super Hexagon is better. If you were to maybe take their idea and then give it your own spin on the game I would be fine but because you cloned the game and then put in ads and then had the player have to pay to do anything in the free version.

User · 5/1/2014

Doesn't show up in my apps 😩 Lame I guess.

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