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Teri · 8/23/2015

Worlds best game. It needs 100,000,000 stars. It is really good and a very, very addictive game. Buy it.

Anna · 8/23/2015

This game allows the simple downloading of skins,textures, and worlds so very easily.there is a drag and drop crafting system and the game runs pretty smoothly especially for being on a phone(I get about 60 fps)

Rubia · 8/19/2015

I love this game... I love it so much but one thing annoys me. since I've upgraded to windows 10 I've been having problems, the cursor,scrolling and moving and placing glitch out and freeze until I go to the pause menu and come back, please fix as soon as possible, thank you

Reviewer 9910 · 8/11/2015

Verry good app apropoaet for all ages my kids love it

Fabien · 8/17/2015
Great game. Worthy Minecraft opponent.

I love the controls better for moving, jumping, etc. I love the cruel mode added. Nice graphics. There are all kinds of animals. I wish they had a rail though, and zombies etc. It does have werewolves. But it's come a long way. There are complex electricity features, the ability to make bombs, fire arrows. Where Minecraft lacks, SurvivalCraft excels, and vice versa. But the gap is getting smaller.

Reviewer 9603 · 8/3/2015
SINCE when does water make a perfect rhombus!!!

I think it is a good virtual reality software with lots of materials to use. I just wish the water and magma would flow more realistically and a little better physics programmed in to the software!

por · 7/22/2015

I love the idea and concept of this game, but more options is always a win-win situation. I saw some reviewers said cars, planes are childish, I would say I agree so, but as I mention above more options is better. So instead of adding those, could the developers add stuffs like, railway, people/villagers? Really, I feel really lonely playing this game, I want to at least enjoy this as a game that I can a leader of a town or something in the adventure mode.

Kyle · 8/21/2015
Great Game

I play Survivalcraft on my kindle and it is the exact same thing. But that's what I like about it... it's all the same. It is very realistic, besides the werewolves of course.

Niraj · 7/14/2015

Obviously, This game is better than Minecraft but latest version is laggy. And please add OneDrive to upload our save files, mods, etc. Please No SD Card support -_- Why??

Laurie · 7/25/2015

Great but add multiplayer,mods,more monsters,and better graphics.But overall great !!!



  • Massive destructible block world
  • Crafting and smelting
  • Realistic animals and weapons
  • Fire, explosives, dynamic water and magma
  • Living world with day/night cycle, dynamic weather and physical processes
  • Build complex electric devices and circuits, even video games
  • Ride horses, camels, donkeys
  • Realistic survival simulation
  • Download maps, skins and textures created by community
  • Over 300 items of clothing and armor, each affecting your looks and survival ability
  • Deserts, jungles, plains, snow, ocean, lakes, swamps, islands

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Version notes

1.27 Changes Added campfire Added moose Added carpets New creative inventory More clothes Lightning button AI improvements New engine More realistic water transparency and fog More inventory slots ...plus many more, see http://kaalus.wordpress.com/updates-history

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