• Massive destructible block world
  • Crafting and smelting
  • Realistic animals and weapons
  • Fire, explosives, dynamic water and magma
  • Living world with day/night cycle, dynamic weather and physical processes
  • Build complex electric devices and circuits, even video games
  • Ride horses, camels, donkeys
  • Realistic survival simulation
  • Download maps, skins and textures created by community
  • Over 300 items of clothing and armor, each affecting your looks and survival ability
  • Deserts, jungles, plains, snow, ocean, lakes, swamps, islands

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Version Notes

1.27 Changes Added campfire Added moose Added carpets New creative inventory More clothes Lightning button AI improvements New engine More realistic water transparency and fog More inventory slots ...plus many more, see http://kaalus.wordpress.com/updates-history

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por · 7/22/2015

I love the idea and concept of this game, but more options is always a win-win situation. I saw some reviewers said cars, planes are childish, I would say I agree so, but as I mention above more options is better. So instead of adding those, could the developers add stuffs like, railway, people/villagers? Really, I feel really lonely playing this game, I want to at least enjoy this as a game that I can a leader of a town or something in the adventure mode.

Niraj · 7/14/2015

Obviously, This game is better than Minecraft but latest version is laggy. And please add OneDrive to upload our save files, mods, etc. Please No SD Card support -_- Why??

Laurie · 7/25/2015

Great but add multiplayer,mods,more monsters,and better graphics.But overall great !!!

chris · 7/15/2015

It's a really really fun game but would be better if they make multiplayer and it's been awhile since I was made maybe add some guns and u got the perfect game

Cheyenne · 6/16/2015

The only real problems I have is that I could never really find minerals anywhere, breaking blocks are way to easy, and you have little health. (suggest maybe starting people out with some items when they spawn within the game-like an extra pair of clothes or a stone sword or smethng) But overall and I cannot believe I am saying this but this is much better than minecraft and I was a Minecraft lover for a year-SC has alot more animals and better controls. I also tried MCPE and its still not as cool. But plz try putting alot more minerals around and also maybe MP might be a good idea but for now it is good as is. UPDATE-I have heard you are working on making it so wolves and bears and wat not would be unable to spawn in areas where we have animals. Its very hard keeping animals when wolves are trying hard to eat them. Could I suggest maybe a special block or something that when placed would stop threatening animals to spawn within a certain radius. :)

Celeste · 6/15/2015

Better than Minecraft! very realistic and challenging if you have the trial because you have to sleep but the trial wont let you. Definitely worth the $5! I like how you can choose a different difficulty and there's also creative and adventure mode. The worlds it generates are really awesome! There's a variety of different animals. There is just so many cool features that I just can't write them all down!!! Great job with the game, guys! And this is just the trial! When I actually BUY the game, I'm sure it'll have more features. I have one question though : when you buy the game, can you create your own characters, worlds, and texture packs? It's cool that you can download other peoples' worlds, texture packs, and skins! Also, it'd be great if there was multiplayer. This game is also pretty realistic and has many animals. But there should be more crops. I love this game! Thanks for creating it!!! ;)

Alexis · 7/12/2015

so much fun, love it. ❤ but needs a new update

kassandra · 7/14/2015

Better than Minecraft PE! Please add multiplayer and taming animals though

Nathan · 7/8/2015
Doesn't work with windows 10

Okay, this really DOES work with windows 10, but you can't download anything. I downgraded, and not I'm on 8.1. And I gotta say, THIS STUFF IS SOOOO AWESOME!!! Thank you so much, and thank you people for making such amazing builds! you are the best! I CAN'T SAY THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!!!!

Mark · 6/15/2015

Exactly like MC. I know, it's meant to be like that, but it's EXACTLY the same. Crafting recipes are even the same. Especially since mc is officially on Windows phone now, this is horrendous

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