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sami · 3/30/2013

Boring game, doesn't make sense at high levels. There are no expectations to solve just by luck

Kory · 3/3/2013

Needs more levels

Philip · 9/16/2013

Lots of quick fun. The levels are quick to play, and it is easy to jump in and out of the game. I wish more games let me switch to the start screen or lock the phone screen without dropping back to the main menu or making me lose my progress. I'm not a completionist gamer, but I do think I will continue having fun with this game by replaying the levels and trying to complete the various challenges.

Christopher · 9/2/2013

Would get five stars except for two things...First, needs more levels to justify price. Second, and most important WHEN I TELL A GAME NO SOUND I MEAN NO SOUND. Turned music off and sounds to vey low. Whenever I start game it still asks if I want music on. NO I DON'T. But it STILL PLAYS MUSIC AT BEGINNING AND END OF LEVELS. What is wrong with you.WHY DO YOU WANT TO FORCE ME TO LISTEN TO YOUR CRUMMY MUSIC?

Matthew · 4/26/2013

Awesome game! Very well done. However, it needs more level's. I finished it in one day. UPDATES PLEASE!!!! Kinda not worth the price until they update it.

Scott · 4/25/2013

Well done. Worthy of a purchase :)

Brian · 4/16/2013

Very unique premise livens up this physics-based game. Great sense of humor, fun graphics and sound effects. Haven't gotten all the way thru yet so can't comment on the scale but enjoying it so far!

Dread · 3/6/2013

Great game. Waiting for the price to drop to purchase.

Johnny · 3/1/2013

This game is really fun. I played all the way thru. Still playing it to, addictive joy! Bravo!

SizeM · 2/21/2013

Fun ♥ *^^*


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