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v2.0.0 --------------------------------------------------------- new ui fixed some bugs

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Mitchell · 7/22/2015

Quite enjoyable really. Sometime the UI can be a little cumbersome but all-in-all a good option for the occasional hold'em fix.

Stephen · 7/27/2015

It's killer!!

Michael · 7/27/2015

New to poker but game is fun and easy.

casey · 7/24/2015

Very good game to pass the time!!!

shane · 7/16/2015

Good fast pace game always enjoyable

noah · 7/20/2015

Great game, easy to access and never crashes!!

steven · 7/17/2015

Easy to play here, and lots of fun 😊.

Roland · 7/19/2015

Great, update is better and I play every night yo pass time after work with friends. 8/10 on my scale

Michael · 7/17/2015

great app and game to pass the time

Travis · 7/9/2015

Great Texas Hold'em Game! All matches are with live players at a "table" setting, easy to follow game flow, ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ *INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING* ⚫ A "play now" option, for easy connection to any random style of Texas Hold'em table. ⚫ The option to pick what type of table you wish to play at, based on the (Number of Players) at the table, the (Min/Max Blind) value, the (Min/Max Buy-In) value, and the (Pace At Which You Prefer To Play). ⚫ A "Tournament" option with varying Buy-Ins', that pits you against 4 random players in a (Winner Take All) game style. ⚫ The option to create an account on their server to save your information and game statistics, as well as upload an avatar image. ⚫ Optional in-app purchases, allowing you to purchase money for the purpose of betting, buying into tournaments, etc.. (In-app purchases for this app are very reasonably priced, starting at 0.99 Cents, and the amount of in-game cash you receive for that price is considerable)