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Michael · 10/17/2013

Terrible. Unacceptable frame rate for a very simple game. Unlike the iOS version, after entering a word, the tiles are put back backwards. BACKWARDS!

Chris · 12/10/2012

Fun, but hitboxes are too small for letters making them hard to select.

ImSqueakaFied · 2/1/2012

I haven't had issues with word choice, that other users described. BUT daily word not working is more than a little irritating.

Larszx · 1/26/2012

Daily Word and Xbox Live is broken, otherwise a great game

TD superpete · 1/26/2012

Fun game, but don't buy until daily word is fixed

operand · 1/18/2012

The buttons need to be more responsive

Greg · 9/22/2014

An abysmal failure in comparison to the first game. I had bought the original on 5 different phones and PC, and was happy to pay everytime....this version is broken in everyway. Poor framerates, unimaginably terrible dictionary, not complete word lists for letter combinations, the list could go on for days....massive disappointment!

Paul · 3/12/2014

I've played TextTwist on the PC for years and love it. This version? Not so much. I have no idea what foreign dictionary it uses for some words and then because they are so politically correct they have omitted perfectly acceptable words like "sex," "oral," and others that are in and of themselves harmless and well within a normal person's lexicon.

Mindie · 10/11/2013

Some actual words result in a "not found in dictionary" message and for the creator - ent is a word, Rome is a word, airt is not a word.

AlienatedBovine · 9/26/2012

Fun and challenging


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