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Lukyan · 8/22/2015
Broken achievement never fixed

Good game, controls are decent, but they never fixed a bug making an unobtainable achievement. Should have done it right the first time. How can you sell a game without someone testing for 100% completion.

John · 4/21/2015

Great game but the graphics are still glitching.

Kris · 4/2/2013

Okay, so, I was excited when I saw the screenshots. But, after downloading, I have the dreaded "Lumia Lag"... And it's BAAAAD! My brother has an HTC 8x and it runs fine. What the heck? I thought these two phones had the same processor. Can someone explain why the game runs better on the 8x? I don't have any issues with other games. (Although, I'm about to download and try the Batman game) I started reading through the reviews and it seems everyone is complaining about the game play and frame rate with the Lumia. I'm starting to feel like I made a bad decision with this phone. I don't want problems in the future with upcoming releases. I see some people are blaming Gameloft. But, after playing it smoothly on my brothers 8x, I don't think it's their issue. Hopefully Nokia will release an update to address this. Good thing I didn't purchase the full version.

Mike · 3/28/2013

Poor frame rate makes me sad.

Jonathan · 3/6/2013

HTC 8X - Game works, frame rate is bad. Lots of slowdown's. I thought the snap dragon processer was supposed to give developers better graphics to work with. What ever happened to games using the Havok or Unreal engine. Windows phone is lacking. 😒

christopher · 8/23/2015

Idk about the reviews but this game runs beautifully on my Microsoft Lumia 640, only single player.

Woody · 2/20/2015

As others have reported, text is unreadable, contacted Gameloft and sent them all information and screenshots, no response and no update for over a year! This is unacceptable for a paid product of this price.

Henry · 10/25/2014

I can see that this game is fun...but in my 1520 the words don't seem to show up 👆 rite. If there is anyone listening to my concerns please update this game. I am having the same issue with GT Real Racing 2. I spent $7 dollars in this game and would like to have my monies worth or a refund. Thanks alot in this regard.

Donovan · 9/4/2014

This game is awesome. However after the 8.1 update there is a text glitch which makes all text unreadable 90% of the time. Please fix and it will be a 5 star game!

Akshat · 8/7/2014

The game 🎮 is good very good... But I have downloaded it is not showing in my app list when I am restarting my phone 📱 it makes my phone's SD card error. Either refund my money 💵 or give me instruction to delete this game


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