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Mohd · 7/27/2015

Amazing. Can't believe how beautiful and yet challenging game like this exist for wondows phone. Love the art and music of the game!

Reviewer 3088 · 5/23/2015
Really like this game

Totally worth the money this game. It really messes with your mind on some levels. If you like games like Adera, Machinarium, Monument Valley, then you will definitely like this one. Please do yourself a favor and enjoy this game.

Sergei · 7/27/2015

Think i saw this on my xbox,but now its available for phones!Great game,like games like this and monument valley.slightly laggy thou on phones and laptop, probably needs some optimization. But else its a must get.

Timm · 5/6/2015

I wasn't sure if I was going to like this game but I tried it and its pretty good. Like using this game when I show off my windows tablet with some other games and apps. Would be cool to see this set up as a adventure but the puzzles are fun. Thanks

Michael · 5/5/2015

Spin your way to the key then spin to the exit, fun and challenging.

Luis · 5/4/2015

This game is amazing, some puzzles make you think out of the box in order to find a solution, as well as artistic scenery. I recommend this game to everyone. The developer also cares about the players, I was able to contact him because of a bug and he answer and fixed it, not many developers do that for us gamers.

Woolly · 4/29/2015

This is a very unique game with fun and challenging puzzles. I'm glad I stumbled upon this one! :)

xiaofang · 7/17/2014
great great game!

interesting puzzles, nice graphics. Just a bit too expensive!

Jared · 4/14/2015

This game decimated my battery. It was fun, but I'm not going to play a game that tethers me to a power outlet.

William · 11/16/2014
Great Indie Game

The unique mechanics that this game is based on gave me that sense of awe and wonder that I felt when I first stumbled upon Braid.



  • 48 thought-provoking puzzles, each unique from the rest, all requiring an innovative solution.
  • Gravity manipulations, gravitational vortexes, parallel dimensions, and many more mind-bending concepts in a world where the laws of physics are not what they seem.
  • M. C. Escher-esque worlds with impossible architecture set in the style of beautifully hand-drawn black-and-white lithographic art.
  • An alternate version of the game unlocked after the main storyline has been completed, including challenging alternate versions of each of the 24 main puzzles, along with an alternate ending.
  • A time-backtracking system to alleviate any fears of making a mistake.

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