• Adjustable playing strength from 100 levels!
  • Human vs Computer, Human vs Human (sharing a single device)
  • Computer gives your level evaluation by ELO rating in rating mode, very useful for tracking your progress
  • Enter and analyze any position you like in edit mode
  • Hint facility to improve your game
  • Review mode during a game
  • Save/Load game records
  • Supporting PGN file for both reading and writing
  • Enable to view full game history in the game record and restart game from the selected move, which should be very practical for improving your chess
  • Autosaves your current game
  • Remove Ads

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MCPEARL · 8/1/2015

This is a pretty good game because the "Hint" function gives possibilities to children - or any beginner. No one enjoys adds, but the commercials are not constant or very obtrusive.

Reviewer 5176 · 7/28/2015

Great app...graphics are wonderful, easily configured for individual level of play. I have searched many chess apps and this one is great.

Reviewer 9417 · 7/28/2015
It's great!

I really like this chess app. Kind of reminds me of the original Windows 7 Chess Game thing. Works fine though! Nothing wrong with it so far.

Reviewer 7235 · 7/29/2015
False stalemate!

Great graphics but that's where it stops. It is very aggravating to have your skill level decrease due to a "stalemate" when it is clearly a victory in favor of the human player. It's very difficult to keep playing a chess game where you can't win even when you do win. If that were to be solved this game would definitely deserve a 4.5 star rating.

Reviewer 1640 · 7/26/2015
Great way to improve your game!

The levels are fairly challenging, even the lvl. 1 won't fall for the old three move checkmate.

Reviewer 1993 · 7/27/2015

Very realistic board and movement options useful. Like the color scheme.

Reviewer 2636 · 7/28/2015
great game

fun game wish u could change the background of the board

Reviewer 3201 · 7/20/2015
Another set up so it is not enjoyable

Every one wants to win but when you can beat every game at level 10 but loose every game at level 11 (1-100) something is up. I hoover at chess but reviews of other games by this company indicates that backgammon cheats to win, random number generators are not random, etc. I just don't think my horrible skill level can be EXACTLY on the 10-11 level. I would think that if that was so then I would win >50% on level 10 and <50% at level 11. Game not fun find a different Chess app.

Glen · 7/18/2015
Great challenge along with real graphics and sound

Numerous levels makes this a very challenging game from the novice to expert.

Lawrence · 7/27/2015
Free fun

I've always enjoyed chess, this app makes it just as fun and for free.

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