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Jonathon · 7/23/2015

Graphics and game play were really fun at first but quickly became repetitive and the vehicle controls sucked. Most the achievements weren't bad except the upgrading your character. It was awful Lon and bored me to tears. You'll end up spending more money just to get it over with...

mohammed · 7/13/2015

Laggy on my 640 XL . Please fix it

Bryan · 5/18/2013

Very ambitious to have a 3D free roaming game on mobile, however there isn't a single moment where the frame rate is at a level that makes it comfortable to play. Very headache inducing. Even on my new Lumia 928.

Hussein · 4/9/2015

Very good game..but sorry for giving it one star , it's very lagging on my phone with 1gb ram..please (game loft) fix it ,i payed 7$. For enjoyable game..But this problem has killed playing funny!!

Kristopher · 9/1/2013

Awesome game, went by a little bit to fast and I believe more side missions should be added also I ran into a few fight glitches and crashed a few times as well. I am a batman fanatic and this game is perfect for a guy like me :P

Michael · 8/9/2013

Excellent arkham city clone for the mobile platform

Eric · 7/20/2013

A great game until 'City Cleanup' started clutching. I go to where the bad guys are storing ammo and cannot detonate them. The red marker indicates their location, but they are not there. I can walk through the markers. No way to complete the clean up.

Brian · 7/2/2013

Great game hard on a phone play ten minutes and phone so hot.

Justin · 6/27/2013

No MOGA Pro support! Its supported in every version of this game but not windows phone, yet we still have to pay a premium for a product that is not on par with any version of this game on any OS. Someone at gameloft is making horrible decisions!

Jimmy TC · 6/9/2013

A little laggy on my Lumia 928...but I expected it to be. It was laggy on iPhone too! Still a great game to play on the phone. Game play is similar to the "Arkham" series with touch screen controls. May not be for everyone but definitely for any Batman fan!


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