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pam · 7/26/2015

It's a fun game but when u r playing with a friend it keeps using the share the wealth cards automatically no matter what card is used it should ask if u want to use it other than that I love the game...........and to fix the card thing u could put something in the options where u can turn it on and off.. Its just a suggestion.

Jonathon · 5/6/2015

Fun game solo or with a friend.

summer · 3/27/2015

The only reason I did not add the last star is because in the trail version it does not let you Finnish the game and because when you play 2player the person that is actually a computer makes it to hard . Please put a feed back.thank you!

Brandon · 1/8/2015

An okay game, but I have to call into question a couple of gameplay elements. First, it seems the spinner isn't using the random number generator to its full potential, churning out runs of the same number over and over again, which is making for a relatively dull game. Second, it seems that at times the Pay Day spaces and some Share The Wealth cards don't work as they should -- for example, when a player passes through or lands on a Pay Day space, he/she should collect money, but sometimes that doesn't happen. Sometimes the "Collect" and "Pay" cards don't work either -- he or she who plays them doesn't always collect. Sure I want to win, but I'm also interested in fair play. I don't know if EA is actively involved in developing this app anymore -- it was probably designed for Windows 7 phones, and what I'm witnessing may be nothing more than hiccups with trying to run an app designed for Windows 7 phones on a Windows 8 Phone -- but if they are, can we please work out these kinks?

matt · 11/16/2014

Kinda sucks ok tho if ur bored n multiplayer pass n play

Carly · 9/18/2014

The game is fun and has nice visuals but there's a couple glitches: The pieces don't always move the number that is spun (spin a 10, piece only moves 1) and the computer player always stops on the blue "sue" space, even when the number on their spin should take them past it.

User · 9/4/2014

Definitely not buying. Counted 10's as 1's three times; froze twice (closing the app and starting it again let me continue from where it froze); and the trial should let you try out one whole round.

Melissa · 8/19/2014

I love this game, but it always freezes. I figured out u came exit the game completely and start it back and continue game. Still a pain, especially when u paid for it

behind · 7/4/2014

I hate that you can't finish at least 1 full round in the trial version. And I likely won't pay for it, even though I really enjoy it. I wish there was a free version of the game like Uno has with Uno and Friends.

Aurora · 6/18/2014

I love this game, but wish that it would land more often on the baby spots. Makes it really hard when it speeds you through the family trail everytime. Other than that a fun game. I win a decent percentage of the time, and I love the local multiplayer option.


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