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Isaac · 3/6/2014
imposable game

it is a fun game and all, but there some things about it that either wastes my time or makes it imposable to beat. like 1: the boss battles are hard to beat because they have 10 lives and you only have one, they throw stuff at you, and not to mansion you have to dodge everything else on the side of the trail. 2: if you die, you have to start from the VERY beginning of the level. no saves, checkpoints, or any thing else. 3: this app has advertisements. every about two try's you play in a row, it will play an advertisement about a minute long.

Ben · 3/1/2014
Prepare to pay $20 to finish this game

This game will probably take about 100+ hours of very repetitive playing time on same stage for 5,000 times to grind for all the coins/diamonds needed for completion. There is an $20 option to bypass that but sometimes that's not available.

Nate · 2/8/2014
A good game, being fair.

This is a great game and a great casual version of the Kinect game which got great reviews for it's effort. It does in fact work contrary to other reviewers, they need to check the processor requirements, one review even asked how to uninstall? are you kidding me? Anyway the game is great fun, but will make you work in the sense of grinding out coins, but if you are into Jetpack Joyride or Temple Run and want something fresh in that genre, here ya go, but free means work or pay.

Victor · 2/2/2014
Fun, but limited.

So far I have found this game to be very fun. I'm not exactly a Temple Run aficionado, but I believe that Temple Run only has one and a half things that are better than this game. First, the endless mode here does not seem to be randomized. This is actually kind of ok once you get a bit farther in, but I feel like I've seen the first few thousand meters dozens of times. Second, there aren't a lot of character choices. You CAN customize your character, but that is very limited.

Allison · 1/26/2014

This game is really fun. But the commercials are ridiculous. I think I would play this game even more if there wasn't a ridiculous amount of advertisements.

Jennifer · 1/13/2014
Good but Poor Touch Response

Great graphics and tons of potential to be an addictive, super fun game. That said, touch response is awful which makes the game very difficult to play. Highly frustrating. 😢

michaelsonja · 12/31/2013
good game

I actually like this game. Its easy at the start but get steadley harder. I like that. It is addictive too. Runs your fingers off too. Have to pay attention to all the turns. But once you run all the courses that is it, needs an update to add one more place to run

Santanu · 11/8/2013

very good game

chris · 10/21/2013
Great free game!

This game is very fun, think Temple Run for PC. My only problem with this game is how is this not on Windows Phone? It is the perfect game for WP and it is not on it which is very weird.

Fernando · 10/3/2013
Not the game you remember but still fun

Pretty good way of spending your time simple controls and a western theme makes for a solid good time



  • • Simple & Responsive Controls: Touch-and-tilt controls offer a fluid and responsive experience. Keyboard and mouse controls are also supported.
  • • Two Game Modes: The game features 15 story levels with boss battles along with 3 infinite worlds in Endless Runner mode.
  • • Competitive Play: Asynchronous challenges and leaderboards in Endless Runner mode enhance the social and competitive experience.
  • • In-app Purchases: Customize the Gunstringer and extend your experience with consumables and downloadable content.
  • • Connect Across Windows 8 Devices: Effortlessly continue gameplay across multiple Windows 8 devices for a seamless, connected experience.
  • • Player Customization: Spend your hard-earned gold coins and diamonds to unlock outfits and accessories to customize your Gunstringer, and then share photos of your Gunstringer with your friends.
  • • Rewards: Rack up coin and diamond rewards for multiple consecutive play-throughs. Each consecutive week increases the reward payout.
  • • Future Updates: Updates will include new power-ups, environments, customizable options, and more!

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Version 4.1 now released! - General bug fixes and stability improvements For full release notes and the latest news on The Gunstringer follow our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheGunstringerDeadManRunning

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