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Tony · 2/9/2013

Please update to support windows phone 8. This was a highly anticipated game during wp7 launch and made by ms studios. Please update so I can play on my new hardware. Will get 5 stars again once this issue is resolved.

David · 12/20/2012

How do you give negative stars in this rating system? I can't believe that a semi-educated homo-sapien could rate this above a zero. The game doesn't work! It teases you with an opening video, but fails utterly to deliver the game it promises. Is Microsoft so tone deaf to performance at the top to allow such a failure to be put on the market and bear its name. Shameful!

Zhe · 11/12/2012

This game is been beaten so bad

William · 3/21/2014

Excellent game, judging from the demo. Too pricey though. Would definitely buy if on sale.

User · 5/12/2013

Great game to play when trying to kill some time. Addictive at first buy slowly loses it's replay value

Paras · 4/26/2013

Loved the trial! Please update this game, though. Lacks fast app-switching. Also, $7 is a bit too pricy for this title. I'd gladly buy it if the price gets reduced or when it's on sale.

Jesse · 12/30/2012

This is a really enjoyable game but it absolutely needs to be updated to run on WP8. Please continue to support your game. The new WP8 hardware desperately needs quality games and people paid for this expecting it to run on upgraded phones.

Kris · 11/6/2012

A load bug on Samsung focus requires me to create a new character frequently, but the game is excellent, the falcon is my favorite mech. Update: I no longer experience the bug. Even now after 2 years this is one of my fav games thats come out for windows phone. Though after beating it once, I've not played it more.

Billservo · 9/8/2012

Impressively complete package. Long load times, but you feel like you're playing a "real" game.

ImplicitLight · 8/11/2012

Excellent game. Stunning 3D realistic engine!! Really love it :)